Saturday, August 2, 2014

Truth Will Prevail!

Hello all!
This was an interesting week! We found a new investigator, well via the elders. They found this girl and felt like it would be better if we taught her. So, we did! Her name is Molly, she is 18, and she is about to go through chemo for brain cancer for the 3rd time in 9 years. She doesn't have too long to live, especially if treatment doesn't go well this time. Needless to say, I felt a lot of pressure and urgency to help her accept the gospel. We started with the plan of salvation- since she had a lot of questions about it. It went beautifully. I really hope that we are able to continue teaching and that she is baptized soon. I want to just give her my testimony of the gospel so she can have the same peace I do, but if that was how it worked, missionary work would be too easy for everyone involved.

Dominique is doing amazing. I just love her so much. We've been trying to prepare emotionally for the possibility of me transferring this week. She scheduled her Patriarchal blessing for August 13th, and I'm so excited for her. Patriarchal blessings are the best!

On Friday, Sister Stahle and I got to go down to Nauvoo and see the british pageant "Truth Will Prevail" and it was incredible!! We went with the DeSpains, they were so sweet and bought us dinner down there. We got there with time to eat, pull handcarts, and see a bunch of our favorite missionaries who also happened to be there. We saw Sister Geiger from my MTC zone, who I love, and Sister Stahle trained her, so that was awesome. We saw Elder Kay who was in my mtc district, and was Sister Stahle's district leader in Dubuque. I got to see and talk to Sister Boone, my 1st Cedar Falls companion! It was basically a mini mission conference, so awesome.
Anyway, the pageant was fantastic. I loved it so much, AND the coolest part was that the missionaries got to be in the pageant! The whole thing was basically about when the first missionaries went to Great Britain, all the way up to the time that the saints there were called to join the saints in Nauvoo. At the end, all of us missionaries lined up, and as the narrator made a statement about how we still have missionaries today, we all walked up onto the stage, singing "Called to Serve" then the cast and nauvoo zone missionaries sang a short "truth will prevail" song, and we ended it with the first verse of "Redeemer of Israel."
I know I can't explain it very well, but it was one of the most remarkable experiences of my mission.
Such an incredible opportunity. I was overwhelmed by the spirit as we walked up, and as we sang both times. I felt confirmed to me so strongly that I am a representative of my Savior, a messenger of His restored gospel. I am so blessed.

We have transfers this week, and I'm pretty sure I'll be leaving Davenport. I'm excited to see what lies ahead. 6 more months of this beautiful journey. I love every minute.

Have a great week. Love you.
-Sister Monroe
We got "barged" on the way to the pageant. They had to open the bridge, so we were waiting for a little bit. :)
Pulling a handcart with the DeSpain girls. So much fun!

Truth Will Prevail!

One of our YSAs made this and brought it to us last night. We were so happy!

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