Monday, July 21, 2014

Berry-stained feet, exchanges and a zone conference

It was an unusual week for us, we were out of our area for two whole days! It was strange but fantastic.
But, first...
We had the most wonderful dinner on Monday night. We ate with the Andersons, who don't live in our area, but a couple weeks ago at church their little girl Emily turned around and looked at us in sacrament meeting and said to her dad "what do girl missionaries do?" He told her she'd have to ask us herself. So, then they signed up to have us over. (We can eat with anyone in the ward, but most often we eat in our own areas- there are 3 companionships in our ward)  Their kids were both so excited to have us, and dinner was delicious. Afterward, Brother Anderson asked Sis. Anderson if they had any ice cream left, and she said yes. He came up with a great idea - we went outside and picked mulberries off of the tree in their back yard, and ate them with vanilla ice cream. I was also just thrilled, because I had to go barefoot in the grass- my shoes were white, not fit to be walking under a mulberry tree in those unless you want them purple! My feet were varying shades of mulberry purple for a couple days- so happy. :) It's the simple things, you know?
On Tuesday night we drove down to Clinton to do exchanges in the Sister training leaders' area- so we stayed the night and had exchanges on Wednesday. I got to go on an exchange with Sister Cannon again for the first time since our last one in Cedar falls. It was awesome, we both needed it. Sister Cannon and I love each other a lot. She's from Bountiful, and goes home 3 months before me, so we have some grand plans to get together when I get home! Anyway, it was a great exchange. We got let in when we were knocking and taught an awesome restoration to these two sweet ladies. It was a miracle, we hardly ever get invited into people's homes while we're knocking. :) That night we had dinner with the member who they live with, and it was great.

Thursday we had Zone Conference in Iowa City, so we stayed another night and we all drove up together. As usual with zone conference, I received a lot of answers to prayer and direction for how I can be a better missionary.

It has been impossible to find people to teach, but we are continuing to try. The Lord will lead us to those who are ready to receive the gospel, I know it.
I am so grateful to be a missionary, and to have the opportunity to grow my faith by diligently serving my Savior.
It'll be another great week, I'm sure! :)
Sister Monroe
IC July ZC- Zone Conference! I am fourth in, kneeling in the bottom row.

 Sister Jensen insisted on us taking a new picture together. I was standing near her, holding my camera and she thought I wanted to take a picture, I told her I have one of us from a couple months ago and she said "We've changed, we need a new picture!" So cute. :)

 Clinton has a really cool sign, but my camera refused to focus on it. 

 My sister Arica got me a 3 month subscription to birchbox for my birthday.
I was so surprised and happy. :) Thanks Air!

I got a package from my Aunt Jan this week with this amazing binder in it- it's full of all kinds of quotes, stories, scriptures, etc about missionary work and the gospel. I love it so much!

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