Monday, August 4, 2014


Holy cow, I am still just in awe that this happened. This week, I transferred from Davenport, IA to Hamilton, ill. Guess what all is in the Hamilton area? NAUVOO AND CARTHAGE. That is where I am serving now. Are you kidding me???? I feel so incredibly blessed. I cannot express how much trust I can feel the Lord placing in me. There are so many incredible blessings of serving here. We can go to the temple, like any p-day we want, because it's only like 15 minutes from our house in Hamilton, so we can just do that instead of studies. We didn't go today, but next week, you better believe we're going. And, so cool, when I got here there were still 3 nights of pageant left, so we got to go to the nauvoo pageant for it's last two nights. To think I was so worried about getting down to see it! Haha. So amazing. I am so so excited to be here. OH, and my companion... Sister Gabby Jensen! Sister Jensen and I met on facebook about a month before I left, we just already loved each other, and she came out 6 weeks after me. We are just two peas in a pod- she's 20, from Utah, also a loving aunt, and I love her. We have wanted to serve together since before our missions, and that's happening! I was crying the happiest tears as we sang the closing hymn at transfers. I am just overjoyed. This is so perfect, so perfect. Heavenly Father's plan for me is so much better than any plan I hoped for. He loves and trusts me so much.

ANYWAY, I loved serving in Davenport so much, and I got to say goodbye to some of my favorite people this week:

 The famous Paula and Tera. I will miss them. 

 This is Sarah, a recent convert who we see pretty often. She hits her year mark
this summer! We love each other, obviously.

 Doug and Laurel Westwood. They were such a tender mercy to me, I will
miss them dearly. (but not for long, because they move to provo this month!)

 Caleb and Kathy Sandford. Holy cow, I love these people so much. Bro. Caleb (as he likes to be called) is our ward mission leader- best in the world I'm pretty sure. Sister Kathy has been such a friend to me. They both just do so much to help us. Cool fact, Sister Kathy was in the orchestra at temple square until a year ago when their daughter (she was in bed by picture time) was born, so she's on like all of my motab cd's :).

 This is Jen and Andy Ramoses, the ones who introduced us to Dominique. They are so sweet.

 Dr./Bro. Bennion!!!! He is so awesome. I will definitely miss having a chiropractor, not to mention one who adjusts me regularly, free of charge. He helped me so much!

 This is Amanda, she's from the other ward, but she would come teach with us and take us out for food now and then. She is super hilarious, and I love her.

 Amanda's daughter, MaKenna. She is also hilarious.

 Sister DeSpain took us down to the John Deere plant to see the tractors. Coree is their daughter who just came home after graduating cosmetology school, and she's awesome. 

 I'm driving a harvester!!! This thing is massive, and super fun to sit in. :)

 Sister DeSpain insisted on this one. :)

 I just love John Deere, I'm officially Iowan.

 Sister DeSpain, Coree and I, oh and Ruby. I was sad to leave them!

 This is Marianne, one of the recent converts we saw a lot, I love her to pieces.

 Leslie (and little Ben) Green. I love them. I actually ended up seeing them
when we were working pageant the next night! :)

Dominique. Oh, how I love her. She came and sat by our door and visited while I packed. She's my best friend, I miss her already!

Love you all so much! I look forward to sharing my adventures in Hamilton, Carthage and Nauvoo with you!
-Sister Monroe

 My sweet Sister Stahle.

 Wooooo! Sister Jensen!!! My new companion :)

 Sister Murphy!! She went home this week. So crazy!

 Sister England also went home!

 I'm just so excited about transfers, I couldn't contain it! Hahaha. :)

 Sister NYE! We roomed together in the mtc, and love each other, a lot.

 Just making some calls mid-day. Are you kidding me? 

 The Nauvoo Pageant!!

The end of the pageant is amazing beyond words. So incredible.

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