Monday, August 18, 2014

Come, Let Us Anew..

Hello all!
Well, guess where we spent our morning! I'll give you a hint, it's the happiest place on earth... the temple. It was so wonderful! I am still so excited to be serving here. Then, bonus, we were walking over here to the Family search center to e-mail, and President and Sister Jensen were just leaving it, so we got to chat for a minute. I love them so much, that was fun. :)

Anyway, It was a really good week. Things are pretty much the same, we had a couple really great lessons with Herb and Carolyn- and Herb is and has been ready to go for quite sometime, it's just Carolyn, she is so stubborn. Don't get me wrong, I love her to pieces, she is just so resistant to the spirit. You can pray for her heart to be softened. I love them so much.

We got a new investigator in Carthage, Jenny! She's been taught before, and she is awesome. She's got a lot of questions, and she knows the scriptures well! We are working to help her gain a testimony of the restoration, because she's just not sure. But, when we asked her, "when you receive an answer about the gospel, will you be baptized?" she said, "I would have to. I mean, I would have to." I love her already. Pray that she'll gain a testimony of the restored gospel!

I've been learning a lot about love lately. One of my favorite scriptures is 1 John chapter 4. I am learning more and more that feeling love is one of the ways I most feel the Spirit. Heavenly Father works through me, and helps me feel his love for me, and his other children. It's amazing. I've never understood so clearly how He communicates with me.

Something really amazing- Dominique got her Patriarchal Blessing in Davenport this week. I didn't go-  but she e-mailed me all about it. I am so proud of and happy for her. She is doing wonderful.

Another thing I'm learning over and over again, and finally grasped this week is that "to struggle is to know God." When I am struggling, I am so near to Him, always seeking Him, relying on Him for strength and help. Yesterday, I was just having a rough time. My studies and prayers have been okay- but not what they should and have been, since I got transferred here. We had started companion study and we were prepping for a lesson, when Sister Jensen just said, "I feel like something is missing, are you okay? Heavenly Father is telling me to listen." I was in serious need of a good talk, and I hadn't realized it. I just talked about everything I was feeling and thinking, struggling with, and Sister Jensen listened and occasionally asked and told me things. I felt so loved,so refreshed, and so much better, like a weight was lifted. Heavenly Father is so great to me. He loves me so much. I am truly so happy.

Love you all so much. have a wonderful week!
-Sister Monroe
So gorgeous.

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