Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All things bright and beautiful

Well, I am super out of time this week, but there are a couple of really fun things I want to tell you all about!!
First though, I am doing great. I love this area so much, and Sister Jensen. We are working really hard. We have a few investigators, none of whom are progressing at the moment, but many of them are so close!
You can pray for Herb and Carolyn Shallenberger. They have been taught for 2 1/12 years, and I love them to pieces. They are the funniest old couple. They just really need to know that this is the true church and be baptized, it would bring them so much peace! They are so so close, they just need to act.
You can also pray for Betty. She is also an old lady, who I love. She really likes and agrees with everything we teach, but she is scared to leave the church she goes to now- not that she actually goes to church there or with us. So, pray that she will come to church and also receive an answer to prayer about Joseph Smith. (That is a really tough point of doctrine for most people here, because they hear the lies and rumors about him that originated here in Warsaw- also in our area- back when the saints were in Nauvoo. There are a lot of hard hearts here.)

Pray that we will find people to teach, who are ready to hear this glorious message. We are working our tails off over here, so I know we will see miracles!
Now, for a really fun story:

So.... On Wednesday, Sister Jensen and I had the giggles so bad. It was really fun. We were in Carthage for the day, and we were in our car praying before we went to visit one of our less-actives. I was praying, when all of a sudden, the biggest burp I ever heard escaped Sister jensen's mouth. We both started laughing. I was trying really hard not to lose it and just crack up, but she did, so then I did.. we finally both pulled it together, and I finished our prayer. When we're done, Sister Jensen and I are just red in the face, tears of laughter , and she tells me, "I seriously think I might have just peed a little bit!" Well, she got out of the car and sure enough.. she had. I have never laughed so much in my life on one day. After that appointment was over, we went to the Raisors to dry off Sister Jensen's skirt. The Raisors are my favorite, they feed us all the time, and have the cutest kids. It's only been 10 days, but they already call me family. basically they are the best.. so nobody was home, but their door was open, so we went in. We texted them to let them know we were there, and then Sister Jensen laid on the floor, and I blow- dried her skirt. Seriously, so much laughing. As we were leaving, Bro. Raisor called and told us that the reason nobody was there was because they were at the hospital, and Sister Raisor was having her baby!
Woooooo! (His name is Robert Joseph Raisor) in Bro. Raisor's words "Joseph, because he began his life in the place where the prophet gave his." So amazing. It's been a good week.

In all seriousness, I know that this gospel is true. I love this church, this work, my mission, and my companion. I am so happy and blessed to be here.
Love you all!
-Sister Monroe
 A missionary's still gotta have her "pop" once in a while! :)

 There's an amazing mexican food place in Carthage- we ate lunch there
just before the skirt- peeing incident. Haha.

 I just love her. 

Our zone after Zone training meeting. This is just where we like to take our zone picture. :)

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