Monday, August 25, 2014

I stand all amazed

Wow! What a crazy week!
This week we had exchanges in Keokuk, our usual ton of service, a few awesome miracles, and I got sick- still am! I am running so low on e-mail time! Aaah!

Okay, so our big miracle this week:
After 2 years, Carolyn Shallenberger said that she knows Joseph Smith was a Prophet, and that the church is true!!!! I cannot tell you what a miracle this is. Heavenly Father has been working with her so much this week. This week we want to set a baptismal date, because with Carolyn on board, her and Herb are both just about ready. So amazing. I wish that y'all could've felt the spirit we did during that lesson, it was astounding.

Exchanges were really good, I love our STLs. We had a ton of fun and laughs this week, partially in an effort to fight the exhaustion my sickness has caused.  I have actually been struggling quite a bit this week, emotionally as well. This is such a sacred area, and the spirit is so prevalent. With that, satan pushes extra hard, especially on us as missionaries here. he knows the good we can do, and he exploits our every weakness- namely mine these last few weeks. However, Heavenly Father is stronger. I got a blessing this week, and it was incredible. As He always does, Heavenly Father is teaching and shaping me in my trials. I know that Satan only has power over me if I let him. I know that I am a servant of my Heavenly Father, and that He and my Savior are the ultimate source of strength, support, and love. I am truly, so very grateful to be here. I could not have anticipated how hard my mission would be, but I will forever be thanking my Heavenly Father for it. This is the most important thing that I have ever done. It will affect the rest of my life, here and in eternity. I am so grateful for this- all of it. I wouldn't trade my mission for anything.
Sorry for the short e-mail. I will tell you more next week!
Love you all!
-Sister Monroe
 We do service at City Hall here in Hamilton, we found
these glasses in the lost and found. :)

 Sunsets on the Mississippi are just the best. This is my favorite drive- to and
from Nauvoo on River Rd.

 This is the view from the Sister training leaders apartment- they are in
Keokuk, Iowa, just across the river from Nauvoo. So pretty.

 This horse is outside of one of our investigators houses in Carthage.
We call him willy, sea willy. :)

 The corn is getting really tall again!!!!

So is the soy! :)

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