Monday, September 1, 2014

I believe in Christ!

Wow, so many awesome things happened this week. Let me just tell you;

We taught seminary at Carthage jail!!! (Are you kidding me? I can't believe how cool that is!) Brother Raisor is the teacher, and when he was called a few months ago, he asked the stake president if he could teach at the carthage jail visitors center this year since it's doctrine and covenants. Stake president asked the area authority... and eventually, Bro. Raisor got First Presidency approval to do it!!! So awesome. Anyway, he was going to be teaching about the first vision on Thursday, and he asked us to do it. What an incredible privilege. It was great, the spirit was really strong.

I toured carthage jail for the first time in my life! We took Herb and Carolyn, they've been plenty of times, but we felt it would be good. They had a good experience. Carolyn said she learns something new every time. I loved it. The Spirit is strong, and so different than in other places, it testifies of the martyrdom of the prophet with undeniable clarity. That night, Herb and Carolyn had a breakthrough. Herb bore his testimony to Carolyn that he knows the church is true, and that they should be baptized, he told her that he wants to be sealed to her. It was so tender, and it took a couple days, but the next time we saw carolyn, the spirit had softened her so much. They are so close to baptism. Please pray for them- carolyn especially that they will accept and stick to a baptismal date!

 I had amazing interviews with President and Sister Jensen. To top it all off, we went to the temple this morning! I have been struggling, spiritually and emotionally, and this week I hit rock bottom. Now I am headed back up. Heavenly Father is building me, refining me. I am beyond words to express my gratitude for my Heavenly Father and my Savior. It is a painful but beautiful process to be a part of. I am helping others change, and He is changing me, so much for the better.

I am so happy and grateful to be here- so grateful.
Thank you for your prayers and love. I need and feel them!

All my love from Nauvoo,
Sister Monroe

 I love this place.

 Crazy teenagers- gotta love 'em

 Through the original bullet hole made by the shot that killed Hyrum.

 This is the window that Joseph jumped out of as he was shot. 

 Herb and Carolyn Shallenberger. :)

 Carthage jail. There just aren't words to explain how it feels to be there.

 Nauvoo sunsets are just so beautiful.


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