Monday, March 31, 2014

Goodbye, Cedar Falls! Hello, Davenport!

first things, first! My new address for all you faithful writers is:
4846 Jersey Ridge Road. #7
Davenport, IA 52807

transfers are fun! I am serving in Davenport, one of the "quad cities" here on the river.
I have not one, but two new companions! Sister King, who has been out for about 15 months and Sister Stephens, who has been here, in Iowa, waiting for her visa to Brazil for 11 months. It is a fun adjustment. :)
So far, I like the area. I am excited to get to know it and the people this week- starting with how to use a bus system! We are in a car share, and on the off week, we take the bus everywhere. Should make for some fun conversations. Wish me luck!

I am definitely missing Cedar Falls and my sweet Sister Sumsion, as well as many others. This week I said goodbye to Hannah, Mick, Angie, Julie, Ashley, and SO many members, less actives and investigators. It was tough. Cedar Falls has a piece of my heart!

 Wayne & Angie. Oh, and that cat on the table is butterscotch.
I will miss Angie a lot, we were sad to say goodbyes!

 The Gabels! Sister Gabel is the relief society president, and I absolutely love her.
She is the sweetest lady, and they have the cutest little family.

 This is Sister Benson. She is awesome- she served a mission in French Canada,
and is an English education professor at UNI. She feeds us once a month,
and taught some really great Relief Society lessons.

 This is Marilyn, I paint her nails every week. She has provided a lot of
good laughs and conversation in my Tuesday afternoons. :)

 Wayne being a goon, and Me an Angie laughing at him. I love this picture. :)

 The Tanners. They are fantastic members who feed us once a month.
They are the funniest couple I've ever met. I love them.

 Mick...what it's really like. :)

 acting professional

 Mick! :)

 This is Nichelle. She is one of the four YSAs in our ward. She came to a lot of lessons with us, and was a great help. She served a mission in Seattle, spanish speaking,
and one of her companions was Aubrie Moore, who's in my home ward! So random!

 Elder Schubert, he was really excited about the cupcakes I made. :)

 Surprise Sumsion love. :) <3

 The Willsons, they are so awesome. Sister Willson has been an angel. She does a ton for us.

 Mama Willson. :)

 The Shores minus Brother Shores. They are a wonderful family,
and they feed us about every other week. We love them.

 The Wright's- He is the Ward Mission Leader, and She is
a ward missionary/meal coordinator. We worked a lot with them, and I will miss them a ton.

 Sister Wright and I just love each other. :)

 HANNNAH!!!!!!! Oh, how I LOVE her!

 Best friends for life!

 We get a little silly sometimes. It's my favorite. :)

 aaand again. :)

 Elder Curtis- who went home this transfer, I will miss him, Sumsion, Ashley, and Me.

 I'm really hoping to go to Ashley's baptism. I have loved teaching her. 

 We rode with the Elders to transfers, in a four passenger car.
It wasn't actually this bad, but we did have to stay separate! :)
Elder Shubert de-tagging and de-pocketing Elder Curtis. It was pretty funny.

I am really grateful for the things I learned, and how much I grew in Cedar Falls, not to mention all the people I got to know and love. I am excited to see what Davenport holds. I know I am where I am supposed to be!

Love, Sister Monroe

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