Monday, March 24, 2014

My life is a gift, my life has a plan...

There are a handful of things I could tell you about that happened this week, but instead, I'll just tell you the thing that meant most, because it changed my life.

Yesterday, just two months after we met her, we went with Hannah to receive her Patriarchal Blessing. She invited us to come in with her, and the blessing itself was absolutely incredible. There is not a hint of doubt anywhere in my soul that our Father in Heaven does not know us perfectly.

On the way back, she told the story of how we met her, from her side of things, which was more miraculous than we knew. As she told it, and told us that she knows that she needed the two of us specifically, it hit me that Father in Heaven is truly in the details of our lives.  Hannah and I will be friends for the rest of our lives, and Heavenly Father knew that we would need to meet each other so that could be possible. He has actively shaped my life, with not too much help from me at some points, so that I would serve a mission in Iowa, starting in July 2013, and be in Cedar Falls at exactly the time I needed to be here. Not only that, but he's done that for each of the people I needed to meet too, my companions and investigators, and many ward members included.
My testimony grew a lot yesterday at this realization. My mission is a miracle, and I know my Father in Heaven wouldn't have me anywhere else right now. I already knew it, but I know it now more than ever. I am so so blessed.

I am SO very on edge about transfer calls (which we will likely be waiting for all day long), but with this burst of testimony, I have the assurance that whatever comes will be His will. I will go where He wants me to go! I love Hannah, I love Sister Sumsion, and I love a whole lot of people in iowa! I know that I am where I am supposed to be, and that I will love people in my next area just as much, whenever I get transferred. (So anxious to find out!!!)

Thank you, each of you who read this, because you are most likely connected to my life in some way, large or small, for being a part of my life. Thank you for helping me get here, it is a miracle.
Love you so much!
-Sister Monroe

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