Monday, March 3, 2014

Zone Conference, Cold(s), and a BAT in the Chapel!

Obviously, it has been an eventful week here!

Probably the most exciting thing this week was Zone conference in Iowa City. There were 4 zones at ours, and I got to see a lot of people I love! Not to mention, It's where Sister Sumsion was "born," so she was in heaven.
We received a lot of great training. I learned a ton, from those, and from the spirit! It is amazing how much Heavenly Father speaks to us at our meetings.
A tender mercy (one of many) of zone conference, was that I got to drive us to and from Iowa City, about an hour and a half each way. I LOVE road tripping, and I felt so at home behind the wheel on the highway. :)

Cold: Sickness- how I dislike sickness.
My cold has gotten worse, but after the most incredible blessing (as far as Priesthood blessings of comfort or for sickness) of my entire life, I am feeling better each day!
There is a lot that I have been learning in my ailed state, however, that I am grateful for. One of them is allowing Heavenly Father to use me as an instrument, and give me strength. While it is uncomfortable and requires a whole lot of faith, He can use me even more when I am weak. Whether it be emotional or physical, it is in those situations that He literally becomes my whole strength, because I do not have my own. In studying it, I was reading Ether 12:6, and then cross-referenced 2 Corinthians 12:9. It is such a blessing to see My Father, and my Savior working with and through me. I become a new creature through Christ. (See Moroni 10:32-33) As hard as it can be, I absolutely LOVE being a missionary. :)

Cold: weather- it is FREEZING here!
We had four days where we were grounded from walking but our cars were not, one day when our car was but we were not, and one day when both cars and us were grounded.
The day when we were completely locked in was wonderful in its own way though. We saw it as a tender mercy.
I spent a lot of time catching up on journaling, we cleaned up our apartment, and when the evening came, I had an awesome experience. It was pretty simple, but basically, we made a thai meal, start to finish, with actual raw ingredients. I got to be completely back in my element. I didn't have to worry about time, or stress about a lesson we'd be teaching later. It was so so nice. Again-huge tender mercy- He knows just what I need.

Bat in the chapel is pretty self explanatory. We attended Julie's sacrament meeting with her (still just trying to support her as she transitions wards) and before it started, I noticed a furry brown clump in the top corner of the chapel. I was so grossed out, and just hoped it wouldn't move. I showed one of the elders, who showed the bishop, but they weren't too worried. Then, half way through fast and testimony meeting, it took flight. This happened intermittently for the rest of the meeting, with no screaming or anything from the congregation. All the little boys were on cloud nine. It was actually pretty funny. A few minutes before the closing hymn, one of the members caught it (yes-with his hands) and took it outside. ONLY in Iowa. :)

Julie is doing well. but smoked again. She is weening herself back off. It is so hard for her. She is doing great otherwise!
Mick and Angie both missed church yesterday, each for the third time, each because of work, but both are still reading and praying and plan to be at church this week! Pray that they will come!
Hannah and Corinne are both doing fantastic. I love them so much!
Please pray that we will find people to teach, as that is what we are struggling to do right now.

I love you all! Have a good, warm week! :)
-Sister Monroe
 Sister Nye from my MTC room. I love her so much! This is the first time we've seen
each other since we got to Iowa. We had so much fun catching up all afternoon.

 Turns out the Warners, who are serving full-time in my mission are from Ramona of all places. I named everyone I could think of, and they knew them all, of course. Including Jeremy! What a small world! They are serving in the Nauvoo zone, so it was a miracle to see and meet them.

 Sister Cannon and Sister Hill (who is my sister training leader AGAIN- yay!) wanted
a picture with all the sisters they are over. :)

 A package from Lacie. I was so thrilled to get it. It came on a particularly challenging day, just when I needed some love! A scarf for me, and one for my companion, a letter and chocolate. Pretty perfect!

 A March package from my mom! I loved it, and will definitely be
passing a bunch of these cute goodies to members.

 Tada! Thai peanut sauce chicken satay! It was AMAZING! 

A delicious meal in the making!

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