Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Exchanges & Illness

Well, this week was interesting to say the least. It is insane how Heavenly Father knows our limits, and tailors our challenges and blessings to us so we can learn and grow the most!
On Tuesday, we had exchanges with our new Sister Training Leaders- I cannot even tell you how fantastic they are, I am sure that I was friends with both of them in the pre-existence. Haha.
Sister Murphy and Sister Hill are serving an hour and a half south of us in Clinton, the same ward as our zone leaders. ( Also the ward that our "called to serve" sister, Ashley Keller is in, remember her?)
We had a wonderful exchange. No crazy big miracles with investigators, in fact, Clarea dropped us via Sis. Hill and Sis. Oman, but the exchange was a miracle in that I learned so darn much, and came away from it a better missionary. I spent most of the day with Sister Murphy. She is from Utah, and has been out 8 months. She is so funny, and we had such a good time. Much like my last exchange, we walked and walked and walked. We actually ran into Shannon! She was us walking out of our neighborhood (which is quite the hike, I must tell you) and she turned around to pick us up! She seriously loves us. She gave us a ride closer to our dinner appointment, which was great. Anyway, Sis. Murphy and I talked a lot about the work. She has pretty much the exact same experience as I am having- it was so nice to hear that. She too, has a lot of faith and doesn't see her work reflected in the numbers or investigators. What she taught me- what she has had to realize- is that I am here for a certain person, but that may not be an investigator. It could be anyone, including my companion. Heavenly Father sees how hard I am working, and he has a plan for me and everyone around me. He puts me in the paths of certain people to help and change and lift them, and I need to know and be okay with it if that person is not changed by way of baptism. I know that I am supposed to be here in Dubuque, and I can see now that it does have a lot to do with His plan for each of us- I know Sister Oman and I have learned so much by being together- and maybe that's why I am here-for her. Sis. Murphy and I are very similar, and had such a great time together. I hope I get to see her throughout my mission!
Exchanges are such a blessing- I am so grateful for them.

The other big thing this week-Sister Oman was sick with the stomach flu for two days. (Mom-you'd be proud, I took good care of her. (: ) It was a curse, but also a blessing. I was days behind on journaling, i know, terrible, but I caught up on that, read a ton of scriptures, deep cleaned our bathroom the second day while she was sleeping, and spent a lot of time praying and relaxing. Through that experience, Heavenly Father helped me be humble, and have compassion. Oh, and Silver lining- I didn't catch it! Woohoo!

This week should be exciting. Have a good one!
Love, Sister Monroe

 Sis. Oman and I, Sis. Murphy and Sis. Hill. We love them like crazy.
 Sis.Murphy and I. We spent most of the exchange together- she is so great. I love her!
 Sis. Hill and I. She is also great, and awesome, and amazing.
This is called- "When your companion is ultra-sick..." So much studying!

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