Monday, September 23, 2013

Onward, ever onward!

Well, this week has been... fun. :)
Bad news is, Shannon dropped us on monday. Good news is, she still loves us, and is happy to visit with us. She doesn't want to make any teaching appointments, because she is frustrated with her lack of progress, and says that God is not answering any of her prayers. I know she just needs faith! Getting her to that point requires action on her part, and when she understands that, things will change. If 6 years shows anything, she will get to a point where she's ready to try again. We won't give up on her, Heavenly Father cares too much for her to let us.
Greta and Clarea are both doing well. We were not able to meet with either of them this week, but we have appointments for this week, and we are excited for those. I'll keep you posted!

The biggest thing this week, was that we had zone training (this happens once a transfer period). It was incredible. All the training we received echoed the counsel and revelation we received at the mission tour. Both myself and Sister Call, who serves in the 2nd ward, got next to no sleep, because our minds were racing trying to figure out how to put everything we learned into action! The next day we were able to call a meeting as a district, and that is where things got really good. We said a prayer, and the spirit was SO strong. We sat around for about 3 hours, discussing ideas, and sharing insight, talking about how we get the work moving in Dubuque, because right now, it's like all 10 of us trying to do it ourselves, and it isn't working, at all! We made a plan of how to get started, and called a meeting with our bishops and ward mission leaders that evening to help them catch the vision we have. Then that night, we divided and conquered, each companionship visiting one or two ward council members to share this with them as well.
It was an incredible day, really. Miracles are about to happen in Dubuque, all we have to do is continue to work our hardest and get the members involved. We attended ward council yesterday, and they are already so excited. Bishop has even asked everyone to focus on this very thing, how to do missionary work, for 5th Sunday next week. We will be teaching a how-to on inviting people for part of it.
The spirit here is changing with the season, and I know Heavenly Father has a great miracle in store for us to help with. The days are hard, but I have never had so much joy and excitement about anything. Pray for us, and the missionaries in your ward! I love you all!

Sorry for the short e-mail!
Love, Sister Monroe
 I get so excited when the sun goes down every night, it is ALWAYS so gorgeous.
 I got a marshallese nametag. Now all I have to do is learn how to read it! :)
 Look what we found!!!!!
 I just loved this. The flowers are amazing here.
 These are called Chinese Lanterns, and they actually gave us a really good experience! We saw them in this lady's front yard, so we decided to knock on her door and ask what they were. (Missionaries-we take any opportunity to start a conversation!) The lady's name was Cindy, she was so nice to us, told us about these plants and said we should take some because they dry just like this, and look really cool. She told us she was catholic, and asked about what we do, how long we're out, how long we're in Dubuque, how much we get paid, etc. She told us how great we were for serving like this, and wished us luck. We said a prayer with her, and then she thanked us and gave us both hugs! It made my day.
Look, Fall is here!

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