Monday, October 28, 2013

The end of October

Friends and Family,
Hi. I love you. :)

First of all- I need to tell you about a miracle we had this week:
We received a referral from our Zone Leaders through the mission office on Wednesday night. On Thursday, we called the guy, and he was so glad to hear from us- he told us we could teach him that night at 8! Here's what we knew about him, his name is Mick, and he just moved here from Boise. He was taking the lessons from some Sisters up there, and loved it. He had a baptismal date at one point, but backed out because he felt like he was moving too fast.
Anyway, our lesson went great. We got to know him and found out a little more about what all he has learned. We asked him if it would be okay if we just started at the beginning and reviewed- so we taught the restoration. He was so involved, and he loved it. He told us a lot of really important, personal things that will help us a lot to teach to his needs. And, he said he'd love to be baptized at some point. Also, he was so nice. He spoke very highly of the sisters who taught him in boise, and of the ward and fellowship there. We had a member pick him up for church (Get this- when he moved out here, he looked up where the church was on so he'd know where to go on Sundays) and our ward embraced him very well! We are so excited and blessed to be teaching him. Please pray that he will receive a witness that this gospel is true, and accept the invitation to be baptized on a certain date! I will keep you all updated on how things go!

Mick was one of our TWO investigators at church! This is huge for me, I only ever had one come to church my entire two transfers in Dubuque. The other one who came was Angie, she is so fun. Angie is a 6-years and counting investigator, married to a member, Wayne who is not active, and doesn't really have a testimony. He got baptized with a friend, and was never really invested. Nonetheless, he is very supportive of whatever she wants to do, so that's incredible. Wayne and Angie both have a lot of health concerns, and live in a humble mobile home with their 7 cats. (They are in their 50s and were never able to have children, so they have cats instead!) We see them about twice a week, and usually just read from the Book of Mormon with Angie. It really helps her, she has been doing great at reading on her own. Right now, we're focusing on helping her understand why baptism is so important for her, as she is confused because she's been baptized before. Please pray for her to receive and answer to her prayers about that- and for her and Wayne's health.

Those are the biggest things! Sister Boone and I have been working hard, and getting along so great. We have a lot of fun and laughs together. I am so grateful for her. The members here are great too- I am getting to know and love them more and more.

Thank you for all of the love and prayers, especially in the behalf of me and our investigators. I feel so blessed to have so much support. Have a great week!
Sister Monroe

 It randomly snowed for a day this week! It was pretty great because it looked really pretty, but didn't build up on the roads or sidewalks at all, and it was all melted within a day. :)

This thing cracks Sis.Boone and I up. It's an announcement board that one
of the local lutheran churches uses (Lutheran is the dominant religion in Cedar Falls),
it was donated to them. It is massive!

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