Monday, October 14, 2013

Transfer Time!

Hello all!
Well, I am so grateful for all the e-mails I received today. Thank you! Most all of you have the same questions and whatnot, and time is short, so I will do my best to give you all the scoop.

On Monday night, after waiting all day, we received our transfer doctrine phone call. Much to our surprise, we found out that Sister Oman was staying in Dubuque, and that I was to be transferred. I have to say, it was bittersweet news. I am excited to get out and see other areas of the mission, and I know Heavenly Father has people I need to meet wherever He sends me, but I had grown to love Dubuque so very much. I knew this would happen. Haha. I do not have too much to tell about Cedar Falls, so I'll tell what I can, and then tell you a little bit about the people I love in Dubuque. :)

Cedar Falls is totally a college town. In fact, we live on College St. just off of University Ave. exactly across the street from the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) go panthers! We take our morning walks on campus. Speaking of "we," my companion is Sister Boone. She is from Yukon, Idaho, is one of 17 kids, came out in the same MTC district as Sis. Oman (So, she's been out 6 months), and is awesome. We are getting along great so far. The ward here is awesome, I am excited to get to know everyone better. And... guess what! We have real live, actual, progressing investigators! No baptisms on the calendar yet, but it is so nice to be teaching. I don't know our investigators too well yet, but I will tell you all about them when I do!

 Everyone, meet Shannon! She has already stalked my mom and family down on facebook, so it's safe to say we will not forget each other. :) Shannon is amazing. We have a really special bond, and I just hope that she is able to find her testimony soon. We went to lunch with her and sister Reynolds the day we waited for the transfer doctrine, and she was freaking out. She wanted to know just as bad as I did if I was getting transferred or not. She was sad to see me go. I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet, teach, and make a lifelong friendship with her.

 This is Bro. and Sis. Holt. She is the Relief Society President, and would always offer to
drive us places. They are moving to Utah soon, and the ward will be loosing a
powerhouse member missionary.

 The Graham family is fantastic! Sister Graham is so sweet. They would feed us every single week, and sometimes twice! They are the members who introduced us to Greta.

 Sister Graham and I

 Sister Smederovac, oh how I love her. Her and her family are moving to
Scottsdale, Arizona after being in Dubuque for just 6 months. She told me
that the reason she thinks they needed to live here was so that she could meet me. So sweet.

Elder and Sister Thomas. They are fantastic. This was from their Marshallese farewell.
They headed home to Utah the day of transfers, after serving in Dubuque for their 1-year mission. They were so helpful, kind, loving, and encouraging. I will miss serving with them.
 Sis. Buss, she is the sweetest. She fed us every other week, and was incredible at sharing the gospel.

 Sister Hart- she fed us every week without fail, came to Greta's lessons with us, and always had such great advice. She served a mission in Russia.
Sister (and baby Honest) Leigh, they are such a sweet little family. We would go visit her pretty often, and she loved to bake us things!

 Sister Whipple and Sister Call, I am so grateful for them. These sisters have been so fun
and such a blessing to serve with. (Note the dead corn, that was not quite ready
for harvest when I got here- crazy!)

 Greta! I don't think words can accurately describe Greta. She is such a fun,
loving, spiritual, amazing, hard-working lady. I will sure miss her.

The Jolet family. We went to tell them I had been transferred, and say goodbye, and they gave me a crown, a bracelet, a hair flower, and three pairs of earrings, all hand crafted in the Marshall Islands. The marshallese are incredibly loving, humble, and giving. They have a special place in my heart.

All 3 pictures above are Last, but certainly not least, Mama Reynolds. I cannot even tell you how much I love this woman. We were absolutely meant to live with them. She and I had the best before-bed chats, she would always rescue us and give us rides on our week with no car, she gave awesome back scratches, switched our laundry,and much more. Separate from any of that, I am so close to her. The Reynolds family are just what I needed when I got to Iowa. I will surely be back to Dubuque to see them, and mama Reynolds has promised to be at my wedding someday, with the whole family if possible. :) (I don't know why I don't have a picture with all of them, but she does on her camera!!) this last picture was her idea. Yes, I love her so much. Who else would just make you a thanksgiving feast on conference Sunday? Oh, how I miss her. :)

Here is my new address for the next 6 weeks or so...2610 College St. #2, Cedar Falls, IA 50613. I am so excited to be in a new area. I know that Heavenly Father has people here prepared specifically for me to come in contact with. I am excited to see what the next six weeks have in store. Love you all!
-Sister Monroe

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