Monday, October 21, 2013

First full week in Cedar Falls

I don't even know where to start, but here it goes!
This week has been great! We have had so many awesome experiences.
So, Sister Boone and I are getting along so well. I love her! We are already so close- and not just by proximity in our little apartment. Haha.
Oh, our apartment! We live in what I'm pretty sure is the classic missionary apartment, extra shabby and full of character. It's pretty awesome, I strangely enjoy it a lot. We are in a little apartment on what is pretty much frat row right across from campus. We have a tiny kitchen, which is really fun, and the best part is our recliners! Dad- you'd love it. :) We don't have a couch, nor do we need one! Our apartment is very humble, and very fun. I'm sure I'll have more stories for you later!
Investigators! Oh man, I love teaching the gospel.
Gabriel is our most progressing investigator. He is a grad student at UNI, and is originally from Togo, Africa. (That's right next to Ghana) Teaching can be a little challenging, because his native language is french, but his english is very good, so it works out! Sometimes he just isn't sure if we're making a statement or asking a question, but we work with it. He is actively reading the Book of Mormon, and loves it, and has been taught about baptism. He is hesitant to be baptized though, because he has already been baptized, as an accountable adult- by immersion no less. He is praying to know if baptism is the right thing for him, so you can pray that he will receive an answer, and understand why it's so important.
We had a very special experience this week, of finding a "lost sheep." We were knocking doors, and the very first one we knocked on that day, an older, african-american lady opened the door and invited us in before we introduced ourselves! When she sat back down, and we started to introduce ourselves, she got so excited and said "Oh! you're missionary girls! I'm a missionary too! I mean, I'm a Latter-Day saint!" She told us she has her patriarchal blessing, and a temple recommend, but that she hasn't been to church in a few years, because she moved here from Chicago without her car, and didn't know anyone. Anyway, she was SO happy we found her, and said she wants to come back to church, and take us out to dinner. She had lost her Book of Mormon, so we gave her one, and she was very excited to start reading it again. She told us that we were the first missionaries she's seen since she moved here, and when we left she was gonna call all her family and friends and tell them! Her name is Elaine, or Sister Dunigan. We got all her information so the ward clerk can get her records. Such a miracle that we found her! Pray that we will be able to get her a ride to church and that she'll come!
We had zone training this week, which was great. I feel very blessed to be a part of this zone. I'll have to tell you more about members and investigators as I get to know them.
Mom, you are incredible. Thanks so much for being my mom, and raising me in righteousness so I could be prepared for this experience. Surely, you get some bonus blessings for that, maybe you can cash in on some this week. :)
I love you more than you know!
Thanks for all of the prayers, love and support!
-Sister Monroe
 The Cedar Falls Zone. I am a floating head in this one, unfortunately. My companion is on the end in the blue shirt and black sweater. :)

 A lovely package I got this week. Thank you so much, whoever sent it. There was no identifying information, but I was thrilled to get it nonetheless.  (I think it might have been Sister Pennock? Or was it you, mom? It did not look like your handwriting!)

 Sister Boone, oh how I love her. This was before bedtime one night. We get a little ridiculous at night sometimes.
 Recliners! Behind us is our kitchen and dining/comp study table, and front window. Also, what would missionaries do without self-timer function? Haha. 

I LOVE this tree outside our front window. Sidenote- I think Sis. Boone and I consume more apple cider than average humans, that and cereal are my favorite two things right now. :)

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