Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy fall Y'all!!!

So, the pictures I've sent tell you the most fun, exciting things of the week, but I guess I'll fill y'all in a bit more. :)
It's been a good, busy week. The Shallenbergers (Herb and Carolyn) are progressing pretty well. This week we taught tithing, and it went really well. I love them so much. Our only struggle has been getting them to church. Things keep coming up that keep them from going, like relatives coming to see them, herb working, etc. Other than that they are doing really well. Please pray that they will receive an answer to their prayers, come to church, and be baptized!
We have had a tough time getting a hold of our potentials this week, and we weren't able to see Liz or Jenny, but we see Jenny tonight and hopefully Liz this weekend or next week sometime- she is seriously so busy.
Oh! one crazy thing- this week, the weather completely flipped. One day we were blasting the AC in our car and cooling our house, the next we were heating both. I think fall is here, which means winter is coming- which totally freaks me out. I come home this winter, people! So crazy!!!
Anyway, things are going well. I love it here. This is a hard, I mean hard area, but it is the best. There are so many blessings of serving- and even more of serving here.
I love you all so much.
-Sister Monroe

This last week, the Warners, who usually drive us to things, asked us for a ride to district meeting while their car was getting worked on. It was so backwards and fun.
I love them to pieces. They go home this month! :(
A sweet package from my sweet mom and her sweet friend. :)
 There was a huge rain/thunder storm Tuesday night. Just as we were going to bed, there was a really huge lightning that sounded super close to our little house. Well, sure enough, we went out in the morning, and saw this... The lightning struck right into the center of our neighbor's tree across the street, it split right at the base and fell over, hitting their neighbor's car in the process. So insane!

 You could see where the lightning burned the tree inside. I don't know
if you can tell, but this tree is massive.

 The gutters were like tiny rivers, this is like a foot of water. I was perfectly happy, I
love the rain and thunder and lightning. Just call me a true mid-western-er.

 President Jensen lets us take a district temple trip at the end of each transfer.
So wonderful. ( Sister Barker- on the far right, got transferred. Guess who replaced her! Sister Nye from my MTC zone/room!!)

 We went to try one of our potential investigators. She wasn't home, but this
huge dragonfly was on her porch light!

 I love the bugs here. Haha- no, I don't, but some of them are really cool looking!

 Sometimes you just need a cookie ice cream sandwich, and then you need to make weird faces and take a picture while you eat them. Ya know? 

 Stuck behind a tractor on a two lane road? You must be in the mid west. :)

 I love my companion, so much.

 I got two birchboxes that had been waiting for me at the mission office, the warners brought them back from transfers. Thanks again, Air! :)

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