Saturday, September 13, 2014

14 reasons I love my mission

So, on my 14 month click day (that's what we call them around here) I made a list of 14 reasons
that I love my mission. It was really wonderful to just sit and think about that throughout the day.
There are many more reasons, but I want to share my list of 14 with you:

1) I get to wear a black tag and represent Christ each day. It's the best.
2) I am set apart from the world, and endowed with Spiritual power.
3) I get to help people find, use, and be changed by the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
4) President and Sister Jensen- I just love them. :)
5) Missionary meetings- I've never felt the spirit as strong or learned as much as I do in our meetings, it's incredible.
6) The people. I would never have met so many of them if I didn't serve- but I did, and have gained lifelong friends.
7) The blessings that my family is receiving are immeasurable.
8) The trial, learning, and growth- I am forever changed.
9) Every single day is significant.
10) The scriptures have totally new meaning.
11) Companions- they are just so much fun!
12) The talks I never would've known about that get passed from missionary to missionary.
13) The rules and schedule- they give me true purpose and motivation.
14) The Iowa Des Moines Mission, it's the best mission in the world. :)


I am doing much better.Sister jensen and I have resolved to give our wills over to Heavenly Father and consecrate ourselves to the work, both as individuals and as a companionship. We have seen immediate blessings and miracles from this effort. This week, we set a baptismal date with Herb and Carolyn. They are talking and praying about it, but really we feel that this is the most committed/the closest they've ever been to being baptized. Please pray for them that their hearts will be softened (especially Carolyn's) and that they will really work toward being baptized on October 18th!
We also taught a new investigator and committed her to be baptized. We had met her briefly before, and she told us that her brother is a member who recently (like 18 months ago) got home from a mission in Africa. Well, that brother came into town this week, and he invited us to Liz's house for dinner. He asked us to teach about the Family Proclamation. It went really well. Liz is a new mom, and she said that this wouldn't really have meant anything to her before, but now it seems so important. She had been taught by missionaries before, just a little bit while her brother was serving his mission, and we asked her if she would be willing to meet with us and learn about it again- she said she would! She is really awesome. The only thing that will be tough is that she is really busy, so please pray that we will be able to make and keep appointments with her!
We did some finding yesterday, and we found a few really solid potential investigators, so that is exciting too!

I am just so happy. My mission is hard, really hard, and this area is hard, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. We get transfer calls today, and we are pretty sure we'll stay together one more transfer, which will actually only be 5 weeks this time. They do this once a year to line up with the mission call and MTC report date schedule. Anyway, I love each of you. Thank you for your support.
-Sister Monroe

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