Monday, June 16, 2014

What a wonderful week

It was a long, sometimes really hot week, but I say again that it was a great week.
I really feel like I have healed a lot over this month. Every week has its peaks and shadows, both in the work, and in my own emotional state,  but more often than not I am able to be happy. It is beautiful how much my Father in Heaven is blessing me, and how often I can feel the strength and love of my Savior lifting, guiding, and empowering me.

Dominique is doing incredible. We are pretty much done teaching, and she will be interviewed for baptism this week. She has been able to receive a lot of peace and answers to prayers. She is very excited for her baptism, and of course we are too. Her transformation has been extraordinary to see. She hasn't had to change hardly anything- she was already living her life in such a way that the gospel has come naturally. She was just waiting and looking for something more. She now feels like she has purpose, her life has meaning, she has peace.

On Saturday, we went to the temple. It was absolutely incredible, just what I needed. This was my last allotted trip before the departing trip the week before I go home in January. I was a little worried about it, seeing as there will be such a long gap of time before I go again. I am so glad I went now though. It was perfect. I feel so at peace about everything, and I know that Father in Heaven will give me the strength that I need to work hard and love the rest of my time here.

Sister Stahle is sick, poor girl. I think I am safe though! Say a prayer for us. :)
Hopefully she will get better and we can have another awesome week.

Love you all, so much.
-Sister Monroe
 A gorgeous Iowa sunset

 Doug being a little ridiculous. I love them.

 We went down with the Westwoods. Many of you may remember Laurel (used to be Eades)
It has been such a blessing to have her in my area!

 Our district! I love them!

 Sweet artsy shot!

 We ran into Elders Gray and Kircher on our way into the temple. We share our car with them, and they are great. Elder Gray was in my Cedar Falls district.
 Sister Stahle and I at the temple

 Sister Graham and Sister Reynolds came again!!!

 Mama reynolds!! (It was really windy and sunny)

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