Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The windows of heaven

The windows of heaven were opened, both to plenty of rain and plenty of blessings this week.
Dominique is doing incredible. She had her interview on Friday, and passed with flying colors. She is feeling really excited for her baptism this Saturday, and of course we are too.
I feel so blessed to be able to celebrate her on my birthday. What a fun tender mercy Heavenly Father has given me, after all the trials I've had over the past two months, to have a baptism on my birthday. It will be so wonderful. Pray for her that all will continue to go well! :)

On Thursday, something really awesome happened as well. Sister Stahle and I didn't transfer, obviously. That morning-afternoon we had service and lunch at Paula and Tera's house. When we got done and back to our phone, we had a ton of texts and a couple missed calls. Sister Jensen had sent one, letting me know that Sister Sumsion, my beloved past companion, transferred into my zone!!!!!! Everyone else had called/texted for the same reason. I am so happy!!! I will now get to actually see and talk to and hug her every 2-3 weeks. What another huge tender mercy from the Lord. I am so blessed.

Sis. Stahle and I have been working hard, and with this new transfer, we have set goals to improve as individuals and as a companionship. I feel so peaceful, and also hopeful. I am excited for the miracles, blessings, and lessons that this transfer will hold for me. I have truly been so strengthened and changed as a missionary, and as an individual through all of this trial. I know this will continue to happen as I rely on my Savior and my Father in Heaven, and give everything to this beautiful, difficult, miraculous work.

Thank you so much for all of your love and prayers and support, they truly mean the world to me.

Love you all!
-Sister Monroe
 We had zone p-day on wednesday, before everyone transferred. I love the Davenport zone!

 One of my zone leaders, Elder Brown. He is so funny. 

 Is that a dandelion as big as my face? Yes, yes it is. 

 Iowa- where even the weeds are beautiful. So much happiness to be found.

 I am pretty proud of this letter I sent off this week. :)

Sometimes, when you live in Iowa, it's so humid that the pouring rain soaks through your raincoat. See the spot of light pink over the pocket of my shirt? Yeah, that's the color it is when it's dry. We were soaked from head to toe. I love 3 hours of tracting with no car!!! Haha. :)

 I love the rain!!!

 Sister Stahle loves the rain too. Sometimes, so much that she tries to fly off the balcony. :)

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