Monday, April 28, 2014

Ciao, Irma Stephens!

This week has been a blast.
So much packing, laughing, goodbye-ing, picture taking, Portuguese, and more packing.
We drive her to Iowa City today at 5pm, it's an hour trip. She flies to Brazil from Des Moines tomorrow! So crazy!

This week we mostly just visited as many people as we could. We had lots of member dinners, and less-active lessons. It was a good, busy productive week! Plus, more beautiful, and then crazy weather. Oh, Iowa.

I am glad to say that I think I am finally adjusted to Davenport. The more people I get to know, the easier it is, and there are some wonderful people here. I love the ward, the area, the district, the sister training leaders, and our companionship. A couple people I especially love, and will tell you more about soon: Marianne, a recent convert who was taught by the Sisters about a year ago, she is a single sister, my parents' age, hilarious, and loves us to pieces. Brother Sanford, our ward mission leader, he is a machine. His desire to help us move the work forward is insane, and he does everything he can to help us and our "key people." (all the people we're working with- member and non)

But, as usually happens in my life, and especially my mission, when ever I feel like I'm fully adjusted to my situation and comfortable, Heavenly Father creates change so I remember to rely on and turn to Him. This time, the change is much more obvious than usual. Am I nervous for the next couple of weeks as a normal companionship with Sister King? Yes, very. Do I know that Heavenly Father is aware, in control, and wants to help me? Yes. So, I know that everything will work out. There will be hard moments, which may sometimes outweigh the easier ones, but I am fully confident that everything is in the Lord's hands. He has called us here together. He knows our challenges, as well as our strengths. Everything is going to be okay-- extremely hard, but okay. If any of you have been thinking, "maybe I'll write Sister Monroe a quick note one of these days" - it would be much appreciated these next couple weeks.

Something that I've been fascinated with these days is finding examples in the Book of Mormon of how God gives tender mercies, strength, and deliverance from trials to His children, as Nephi proclaims he will show us in 1 Nephi 1:20. I have been flipping through looking for this theme, and my testimony of these principles has been so strengthened. not only that, but I have a renewed assurance that the Book of Mormon is sacred scripture that can help us, teach us, and allow us to feel God's love. It gives me so much peace. i am so blessed to be able to do everything I can to share it with those around me each day as a missionary.

I love y'all so much.
-Sister Monroe
 BEST package ever! I love this pillowcase so much!!!

 My mom is the best, hands down!

 Sister Stephens is not happy about the ninja turtle. :)

 This is our less-active, Grace's little girl, Delilah. She is so cute.

 Me and the Mississippi

We took a pizza down to the river for our dinner on Monday. It was absolutely gorgeous.
The river was actually overflowing from the snowmelt.

 We just like to be ridiculous.

Pure, freezing cold bliss.

 I'm gonna miss this girl.

 The Quad Cities bridge.

 The sky bridge. A fun, free attraction in downtown Davenport.

 Space mountain, anyone? :)

  I love this place

 Mihna Companera

 Just too beautiful.

 There are flowers everywhere, I am in love with spring.

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