Monday, November 24, 2014

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

This morning as we were cleaning and getting ready for the day, I put in Christmas music and my heart was just brim with joy. I have been so happy this last few days, just overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. I have been thinking a lot about the blessings that I have received and growth that I've experienced on my mission, and to run through it all in my mind brings me to tears. I cannot believe it. I can't believe what a miracle it is that I am on a mission, and that I have experienced so many wonderful things, even if a good portion of them came through trials. I am finally really feeling the thing that "dying" missionaries always describe. I do not want to come home. I do not want my mission to end. I know that there are blessings and miracles and joy to be had after the mission, but I just want to be a missionary forever. It's so strange. I am exhausted, and given the choice, I probably wouldn't extend because I know that there is much for me to do after this. I jut love this. Nothing else I do in this life will ever be quite like my mission. I am just blown away.

Justin and Haley are doing well. I absolutely love Them. We taught the plan of Salvation this week, and it was so peaceful. The spirit was strong, and they understood so clearly what we were teaching. I love teaching the plan of Salvation because as we teach, the light of Christ just illuminates within the soul of the learner, it's beautiful. I know it's because this is not the first time they've heard this. They aren't really learning it, they are remembering it. Each of us knew the plan and the gospel before we came to earth, and as we learn it on earth, we find so much peace and clarity. We understand who we truly are. Ah, I just love it. So yeah, Justin and Haley are awesome. I feel like they are just friends I've known forever. :) Please pray for them that everything will continue to go well, and most of all that they will receive answers to their prayers.

Things are the same with Shaquasia, please pray for her and her family. We love hem a whole bunch.

We have a wonderful week planned, including what I'm sure will be a fantastic thanksgiving. I promise to send pictures next week!

I love you all so much!
-Sister Monroe

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