Monday, December 1, 2014

Count your Blessings!

So, I am very much out of time, but I sent lots of pictures, so hopefully that gives you an idea of what our week was like! It was pretty awesome! All is well. Justin and Hayleigh came to church yesterday, hoooooraaaayyy!!!!! Sister Heathcock and I were so happy we could've cried. Please keep praying for them, as well as Shaquasia. I love these people so so much!

We really did have a great thanksgiving. I continually feel so very blessed. I am beyond excited to continue serving heavenly father in this capacity for 6 more weeks- the blessings that come into the lives of others, not to mention the ones I receive, are immeasurable.

Today is transfer call day, wednesday will be p-day. We are like 98% sure that we will stay together, you know, since we're six weeks into a 12 week training program and I only have 6 weeks left. :)

Sorry for the wimpy e-mail. I love you all, I love my mission, and I CAN('t) wait to see you all again. Haha.
Have an amazing week!
- Sister Monroe

 Justin and Hayleigh had to cancel on Monday, but they came over for just
a minute because the Evans wanted to surprise Sister Heathcock (her birthday was last week) with cheesecake and a little gift. We all sang and she blew out candles,
it was awesome. (Hayleigh and Justin are on the end of the couch.)

 Someone (a member of our ward- who is very sneaky) ding dong ditched us
at 6:40 AM on Tuesday, leaving behind this box with a 17 POUND TURKEY in it,
plus other thanksgiving fixings! Wow- we are loved. The turkey is in our freezer for now,
we will cook it someday. haha. Thanks whoever you are!!! We know that
multiple families were involved, but the actual culprit remains a mystery.

 Sister Heathcock took her hair down after having it in a bun all day,
and it looked pretty sweet. Haha!

 Our sweet sweet district- plus the zone leaders. I love them so much. One of our Zone leaders, Elder Bell (on the ground, purple sweater) and Sister Browne (pointing at elder bell) go home on Thursday/Friday. So crazy! All my friends are "dying"!!!

 My sweet friend Sister Browne. Good thing I'll see her in like 6ish weeks!

As part of her training, Sister Heathcock was senior companion this week, and therefore
got to drive. She's not actually angry, she just barely saw me take this out
of the corner of her eye. We thought it turned out pretty funny.

 Hmm, where did the little ones go? We spent Thanksgiving mostly with the Raisors,
who are basically my adopted family- I love them. They invited us to go eat at the
Higleys with them, and it was a great time. This is Kennady Raisor and Declan Higley,
they snuck away with Sister Higley's iPhone while we were all just sitting around talking.

 In honor of Thanksgiving, we ate a quick lunch and then went on the carthage jail tour
on Saturday. I am very grateful for the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
and especially at this time for the Prophet Joseph Smith.


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