Sunday, October 12, 2014

Leap of Faith

This has been such an eventful week, and I have so much to tell you- but so little time!!!!
We dropped Herb and Carolyn for the time being. Sad, but totally necessary. We love them a lot, and they are just not ready right now. They've been taught for like 2 years without ever being dropped, so we're really hoping their hearts will soften and they'll realize how much they are missing when we don't come or call for a while. But.. because we took this leap of faith and committed to use the Lord's time more wisely, he immediately blessed us.
The next night, we were able to finally teach a potential who we met a couple of weeks ago. His name is Jesse, and he is awesome. We met him while checking on a different investigator- the timing of both of our lives was just such that he was grabbing his groceries out of his car as we were walking to our car to leave. I did the hard thing, I went out of my way to open my mouth and start talking with him, my companion was awesome, she invited him to learn. Long story short, we taught him at a members on Tuesday, and he accepted the invitation to be baptized. Please pray for him. :)

It was a really good week, we've had lots of fun. General Conference was absolutely incredible! If you didn't watch it, or just not all of it- do! I loved how the talks in each session flowed together. It's amazing how revelation through living Prophets and Apostles works. What an incredible blessing. I felt the Spirit so strong, and I received a lot of revelation for our area, and especially for my self. If only I'd appreciated conference this much when I was a youth!! Anyway, I am just really grateful for conference. It's so bittersweet that that was the last one I'll watch on my mission.

On Saturday night, we were blessed with another miracle. We taught a woman, Julie who we had met tracting a few weeks ago and tried to see multiple times, we finally were able to teach her, and her ten year old daughter, Shaquasia. They are awesome, and both accepted the invitation to be baptized.

3 New investigators in one week. it is a miracle. The work has a reputation of being slow here, because it kind of is, but as we rely on the Lord, and give up our wills to do His, we are receiving so many blessings, seen and unseen.

Well, this week is going to be wonderful too. Fun thing: President Jensen received a copy of the movie "Meet the Mormons" that comes out on the 10th, from the missionary department, and was instructed to show it to all of us before it comes out. We get to watch it here in Nauvoo at the stake center tomorrow morning with all the missionaries serving in the stake. So awesome, I am excited!

Love you all so so so much!
-Sister Monroe

 President approved the Keokuk sisters to join us at the temple this morning. :)

Yeah we did. So happy!

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