Monday, July 7, 2014

Tender Mercies

While this week was not particularly miraculous or productive, it was once again great.
The reason being that Father in Heaven has given me so many tender mercies, blessings big and small that come in unexpected ways. I will tell you of my favorites. :)

I've known since I got here that there was a member of the neighboring ward, Brother Bennion, who is a high councilor over our ward that is a really good chiropractor with his own practice, and he works on the missionaries for free, but I had never met him and so I felt like it would be strange to just call and ask if he would adjust me. Well, he was at our ward last week, and we got to meet and talk with him. Long story short, he heard from the sisters in his ward that I have migraines, and offered to have me come get adjusted. Friday we were able to go, and I got adjusted for the first time ever. It was awesome. My neck was so messed up, and felt so good afterward. He said he wants me in as often as three times a week until I transfer- all free of charge. This is one, non- missionary work related miracle that I am so grateful for. Dr. Bennion is so awesome!

We had a really fun, laid back fourth of July with some wonderful members in our ward, the Greens. They also invited Dominique, and we all got to spend the evening together. We ate delicious food, and watched the illegal fireworks fly. (The firework laws here are really strict, but some people just don't care. Haha) It was really nice to spend the evening with members, because otherwise we have to be in at 6pm for safety, etc.

On Friday, I had a bunch of letters, which in itself was a tender mercy. Then it got even better. One of the letters was from a Sister Megan Saxton, a name I didn't really recognize. In the short letter, she explained that she is serving in my home ward (TOV), and that she's from Des Moines! She said she had heard about everything and just wanted to write me and let me know how awesome she thinks I am. It was such a sweet little note of support, and so great to know that there's an Iowan in my ward, they're the best. :) I feel so loved!

I am so grateful to know how much my Father in Heaven loves me. We are working hard trying to find people to teach- with little success, but I am so happy each day. I know I'm doing exactly what He wants me to be doing, and He is blessing me in so many ways.
I seriously can't believe I only have 6 months left! It's a good thing I miss my family so much, or I'd never want to come home.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers. Have a wonderful week!
-Sister Monroe
 Hooray, a super fun birthday package from my Aunt Shawna. Thank you so much!

 The city of Davenport has these everywhere, but I'd never actually read one
until this week. So funny.

 A gorgeous Iowa sky. It's hard to be mad about how hot and humid it is when it's also so beautiful. :)

Sister Despain went to Utah this week and met my mom!!! She was
kind enough to bring home 2 boxes of stuff for me! Love you Sister Despain! :)

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