Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

This week was good, but rather difficult. We have been trying really hard to find people to teach, and are having no success whatsoever. I feel like I'm back in Dubuque, opening an area. EXCEPT that we have an awesome recent convert, and my perspective, knowledge, and ability to do missionary work have grown a lot! I am happy, so happy. :)

The fun event of this week was that Sister Stahle and I were chosen to be part of the "Called to Serve" program that the stake puts on for the youth each summer.
We each got a "mini missionary" to have as a companion from Thursday to Sunday evening this weekend. My companion, Sister Hayes, was so sweet, and just what I needed right now.

Something really incredible is that within just minutes, I found out that about a year ago her family went through almost exactly what mine is going through right now. Here was this faithful young woman with so much working against her, but she is so firm in her testimony, and so full of peace and calm. Father in Heaven knew that I needed to see her example. He needed me to see that I will eventually heal almost fully from this, and that from it I can have a permanently more peaceful spirit about me. What an incredible thing to learn from someone younger than me, in a different stage of life, but in such a similar situation. I am so grateful. No to mention that we had a good, fun weekend.

Dominique is doing so well. She is growing in faith and testimony each day, which I can say, because that's basically how often we see her. :)

I've decided I never want to leave Davenport, or Iowa. I'm just gonna be a missionary forever. :)
Just kidding. I'm so excited to see how I am blessed and changed by this for the rest of my life.
Love you all so much!
-Sister Monroe
Me, Sister Hayes, Sister Goepper, and Sister Stahle. (the picture was taken at the Ramos' house. )

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