Monday, December 16, 2013

It (already looks) a lot like Christmas!

The snow here in Iowa has officially stuck, and I still love it! :)
We had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders in their area (Cedar Rapids) on Tuesday, and it was really fun. We got to go caroling with the Relief Society. Then, Wednesday morning, we all drove to Iowa City for ZONE CONFERENCE. Oh my goodness, it was so great. There were 4 zones there, and we had wonderful trainings by the assistants, President Jensen, and Sister Jensen. They fed us a delicious lunch, and then we had district skits, which were so fun! Our district sang the first noel, Sister Boone and I did a duet for the first verse. After that, we watched the movie Ephraim's Rescue. It was a great movie, and it was so nice to watch one! President and Sister Jensen had little Christmas gift bags for each of us, and we got those just before we left. During this conference, I felt so at home, and loved. Mission Christmases are basically incredible. I feel so blessed to be serving in this mission, I think it's the best in the world. ;)

Biggest and most exciting happening- everything is ready for Mick's baptism. His interview went very well, and we were able to get everything arranged for the service this coming Saturday. Most importantly, Mick is doing incredible. It is such a unique, wonderful blessing to watch the atonement at work like this. He has had some big personal trials this week, but is moving forward in Faith. He came to the ward Christmas party, and church, and really enjoyed both. The ward has done amazing at fellow shipping and welcoming him. We are so excited for him! It's going to be a beautiful day. Pray that all will go well for him this week!

Other fun stories:
Sister Boone kind of injured me this week. So, church policy is that no matter what, one missionary stands behind/outside the car and directs the driver whenever they are backing up. Usually this is no problem, but on Tuesday morning we were parked in an awkward spot in our little parking lot, and I had to stand right in front of a tree and help her make a 3-point turn to get out. (It was that, or back her through the whole little parking lot without slipping in the snow/ice.) So, once she got close to the tree, she lost sight of my hand, and was going at it blind. She ended up pinning my shins between the car and the tree for a few seconds. Luckily she stopped when she did, and I was perfectly fine. I just have some pretty sweet bruises. :) Needless to say, we will avoid that spot at all costs from now on. Haha.

On Friday afternoon, while we were making lunch, our ceiling started leaking some nice drywall-smelling yellow brown water (yes- that's all it was, thank goodness). This was troubling because we are in the second of 4 floors. It was one little dot at first, and within the hour progressed to 12 little dots all with a steady drip. We were able to figure out a catching system, and luckily it slowed down, and stopped by about midnight. It has since been resolved, it was just funny. The perks of living in a shabby converted house apartment. So much fun! :)

I can't wait to tell you all about Mick's baptism next week, It will be so awesome.
Thank you for all the love and prayers and support. It means so much!

Love you all!
Sister Monroe

Mick and us at the ward "Snow Ball" He's so awesome. :)

 I ran into Sister Murphy at Zone Conference!

 Exchange picture! I love Sis. Egbert and Sis. Cannon.

 Sister Jensen and I! She is just the sweetest. 

 A sweet package from my sweet big sister. Thanks Ash!
 Battle wounds from Sis. Boone hitting me with the car. Haha.

 Sometimes your janky/awesome apartment leaks weird fluids

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