Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I just love Iowa!

Well, it has snowed before, but I am happy to report that I am experiencing my first REAL, stick to the ground, hats, boots, gloves and scarves required, shovel-worthy, drive slowly and carefully, SNOW. I am also happy to report that for the time being, I still love it! It's so fun! Even my Idahoan companion agrees. :) It started snowing while we were in ward council yesterday and didn't really stop all day. For the last few hours of the night, it was snowing these big, gorgeous, sparkly snowflakes. I was in awe. Here's hoping the fascination doesn't leave me too quickly!

Oh man, Mick is doing incredible. We had him read Ether 12, and 2 Nephi 31 this week, and he really enjoyed both. He said they stuck with him, and that he felt peaceful. It is so incredible to see the Lord's promises be fulfilled like that, I knew the scriptures would mean something to him eventually. We are planning his baptism for Dec 21st at 1 pm, and could not be more excited, and he told us that he has been feeling really peaceful about everything. His friend and boss who introduced him to the church is even flying out from Idaho to baptize him.This week we went to teach tithing, and before we started we were asking him about baptismal arrangements, who he'd like to participate and all of that. We transitioned to the lesson by pulling out the pamphlets and handing him one, and before we even start, he says "We are to fast the first Sunday of every month. We donate ten percent, and the money from our fast..." he went on to tell us about tithing, and how he loves it, believes in it,  and makes an effort to always donate to the poor. He also told us, " I don't normally talk about it, because we aren't supposed to brag about those things, but in this setting.." He even said that when he was being taught in Idaho, he filled out a slip, and sent his tithing in! Sister Boone and I were not surprised, but blown away. This was opposite of what either if us is used to hearing. It was such an incredible lesson, Mick is SO prepared for the gospel. As always, he also said some hilarious things. As we were talking about his baptism, he asked us if anyone we had taught together in Cedar Falls had been baptized yet, and we said no. He raises his arms in the air gets this big grin and says, "So, I'll be the first!" We told him that neither of us had taught anyone who had been baptized yet, and he thought that was really cool too. He is excited. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of his conversion, it is such a miracle. Mick's baptismal interview is on Thursday, please pray that all will go well leading up to his baptism!

Angie is doing well. She has gone two weeks without coffee. She really doesn't like Pero, but has still been drinking it. She is reading from the Book of Mormon, and praying about everything. She almost dropped her baptismal date last night, but we had an incredible lesson about the blessings of living the gospel, and why we're inviting her to be baptized. We each bore our testimonies, and the spirit was very strong. She is pushing forward, and we pray that she will receive strength and confirmation that this is the right thing. For now, we are still on for the 28th. Please pray for her!

Julie backed out of the stop smoking workshop, she is really scared to quit. She said that she is not ready, and that she can't quit in time for her baptism. She still wants to be baptized, and quit, she is just going through a hard time, and I know the adversary is really pushing on her. We will continue to teach her, and set a date that she feels more comfortable with. Please pray for her!

Brandy's date will have to be pushed, it's been another week that we have not been able to see her. We are praying for the opportunity to teach her as soon as possible! She may be able to be baptized on the 28th, but it would take a couple miracles.

Gabriel is well, we were not able to teach him this week, but have an appointment for Thursday, so that's great.

We had lunch with Sis. Dunigan on Friday, it was so fun. She is such a blessing, and really brightens our days.

Our ward's Christmas program sacrament meeting was yesterday, it was amazing. It was all music with a bit of narration. The spirit was strong, and I had the experience of feeling completely comfortable in a ward that is not my own, it was such a blessing. I am so grateful to be serving here in Cedar Falls. We have quite the ward here, and amazing investigators. While I of course miss my family, I would not want to be anywhere else but here right now. I know this is where Heavenly Father has called me. :)

All my love,
Sister Monroe

 We make pizza once a week, and this week we made it on my click day. 5 months already!

 I told Sis. Boone not to steal my recliner while I was gone, so she found a way to.
She is so funny. We love each other. :)

 The sweetest package from my cousin Jen. I feel so loved! Thank you!

 I just had to! It's a winter wonderland out here!

 Prettiest snowflakes!
Our view.

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