Tuesday, December 24, 2013

BEST WEEK EVER! And it's not even Christmas yet!

Well, everyone, it brings me pure joy to tell you...
Mick was baptized and Confirmed on Saturday, December 21st!
I can't even begin to accurately explain what an incredible weekend it was, but I'll try.
I could make it super short, and just say it was good, but that would just be boring!

Because he was so busy, we didn't see Mick from Sunday until Friday, the night before his baptism. His best friend, Todd had arrived from Idaho, and with a couple sisters from the ward, we had a great lesson on Priesthood and callings. He loved it. Todd was joking with him that one of the callings they like to give is garbage guy, and Mick said he'd humbly accept even that calling! He and Todd are both so funny, so the short time he was here was very fun. Mick told him a lot of fun stories about the time we've been teaching him- my personal favorite is that he refers to the time I invited him to be baptized with a date, resolved his concerns, and bore testimony as, "the close." (You know- like a salesman closing a deal- the time he told me he was going to hire me to sell RVs) Todd gave me a fist bump when Mick told him about that. :) The two of them played a little basketball after the lesson, which was pretty entertaining. Mick played college ball at one point, but it took him a bit to get warmed up, and he's injured. We found out that he does not like losing. Luckily, he won the last round.
The next morning (of the baptism) we met Mick and Todd for breakfast, and Mick was definitely feeling stressed and nervous. As we talked and ate, though, he was able to find a bit of relief, and we were glad we got to spend the time with him. Example of how awesome Mick is- he was the one who, when our food came, asked Todd to bless it -out loud. Yeah, he never ceases to amaze us. His new white shirt needed ironing, and he's never had to, so he asked if we would. We did that, and then gathered up a couple things and went to the church to get everything ready. Mick and Todd had beat us there and were playing basketball again. Mick was still a little tense as they were playing, and it showed-- this'll tie in later-promise! Anyway, I told them it was time to get changed, we took pictures, and then had the best baptismal service ever.
Just before it started, the bishop told us that due to the snowstorm coming in, it would be better to confirm him at the service, as opposed to waiting because sacrament meeting could be cancelled. This was unexpected, but great because Todd would now be able to confirm him too, he wouldn't have otherwise because he flew out saturday night. The spirit was wonderful as the service started, and the baptism was incredible. Mick was so happy when he came up out of the water. After they got changed, and there was a talk about the Holy Ghost, Mick was confirmed. I cannot explain just how strong the spirit was. From the vary start of the prayer, it was almost palpable. The blessings given to him in that prayer were so personal, and close to his heart. It was beautiful.
After the service, Sister Wilson had put together a luncheon- it was great! And, once that was over, Mick, Todd, and the elders from our district, played basketball. It was so interesting, because Mick was so happy- He seemed different, and did not get frustrated or tense when he was losing. Sister Boone and I loved seeing that change in him! He told us that he felt really good, and thanked us for everything, as did Todd. When the two of them left, sister Boone and I gave each other a big celebratory hug, and the elders clapped and cheered for us. Haha.
I know that we did not do this alone, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have been a small part in Mick's teaching process, and journey into the Gospel. He is such a great man. This experience has absolutely changed my mission- testimony- and life. He went home for Christmas- which he hasn't done in years- but we've been texting him, and he is dong "awesome."  Pray that he will continue to feel the Holy Ghost, and adjust to membership in the church.

After Mick's baptism, we went to see Angie- had an incredible lesson- and she is now solid for her baptism this Saturday! Such a miracle. Seven years in the making! Her interview is tonight. Pray that all will go well for her, and that she will be baptized on the 28th.

Merry Christmas, and thank you for all the prayers you have offered in support of me and our investigators- we are seeing miracles every day!

All my love,
Sister Monroe

Mick and I.
Todd and Mick.

Todd, Mick, Sister Boone and I.

We got a bit of "freezing rain" one night. It leaves a nice sheet of ice on everything.
 My Christmas package/gifts from home- I loved it! Thank you so much Mom and Dad!

 Post-Baptism basketball!

 We wore matching tights on baptism day. 

 Elder Aiasau, being ridiculous.

 The coolest mirror ever. (that's all I've unwrapped- I'm saving the rest!)
 A box of food that the relief society presidency
gave Sister Boone and I- so nice. We love this ward so much!

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