Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

It was such a fun labor day here in Dubuque! Since we didn't have to e-mail, or grocery shop, we had so much time. The other ward sisters decided to host a picnic at their place, and we all brought food. Our whole district spent the afternoon together eating, playing uno (We played by the Thomas's rules, I'll have to teach everybody when I get home, it was so fun!) and we ended the afternoon playing volleyball at the park. It was like an actual holiday! That never happens on the mission!

So, I don't have a ton to report, but the Armstrongs are doing well. They had us over for dinner this week, and it was great. We made them this reading/commitment chart where they earn stickers for commitments, and it has been working wonders. It sounds silly, but we're getting buzz in our district and zone for thinking of it. This week they finally earned 6 stars, so as promised on the chart, I made them baked goods. :) It worked out great because I provided dessert for our meal together. We have been focusing on faith with them, and most appointments, we simply read and discuss the book of mormon with them . It has been going very well, and I think they are making progress. The next step is to get them to set a baptismal date, they've refused twice before. So pray for that, and that they'll come to church!

Greta is doing well too. She has been reading, and "likes the book." She cancelled two teaching appointments on us this week, but for legitimate reasons, so basically it's satan placing stumbling blocks in her way. We have ran into her twice and have an appointment with her tomorrow, which she called us to confirm this morning, so it's looking great! Pray that she will be receptive to what we teach. The Plan of Salvation is a gift, and we really want her to understand what it means for her.

We did have a couple miracles this week! There are two less active, older sisters who we have been trying very hard to get in contact with since we got here, and on Tuesday, we saw BOTH of them. So crazy! We called one of them in the morning, Sis. Dietrich, and she usually needs you to schedule a week in advance, or just says no, but she told us to come over right then. We did, and it was wonderful. We had a very nice visit with her, and she welcomed us to come back another time. Even her visiting teacher can hardly ever see her, so this is huge. The other one, Sis. Santos, is someone whose apartment we've dropped by 6 times since we got here, and she never answers the phone to buzz us in. We even had an appointment once and she was a no show. That evening, we dropped by, she picked up, and buzzed us in. We were slightly shocked because we're so used to no response. We had a lovely visit with her as well. That day was such a blessing. We know Heavenly Father provided us with those experiences.

The weather here has gotten so nice in the last 48 hours. It has been not very humid, breezy, and no hotter than about 74 degrees. It made being out yesterday so enjoyable. I felt for a moment like I was back in San Diego where the weather is perfect. I have officially fallen in love with this place. This is where Heavenly Father wants me, and he blesses me with strength each day. I know as I continue to work, we will see the fruit of our labor and our investigators will progress.

Thank you everyone for all the prayers of love and support. I so appreciate it. Feed some missionaries this week for me! ;)

Sister Monroe
P.S. Empty mailboxes make for sad missionaries. Send some love!

I Love the clouds here! This was such a beautiful Labor day!

 Our district labor day lunch, we had so much fun. We are such a family!

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