Monday, January 6, 2014

Best 6 months of my life. Seriously.

Hello from freezing Iowa. When I say freezing- I mean it. It's -53 today with the wind chill. SO COLD! President Jensen has asked us not to work for the next day or so, except for driving to nearby urgent appointments. I am now a master of layering- I am currently wearing thermals, fleece lined tights, fleece lined leggings, a slip and skirt, a long sleeve shirt, short sleeved shirt, and long sleeve cardigan, plus two hats, a scarf, boots and a coat. Don't even talk to me about bathroom breaks. :)

Well, Sister Boone was transferred this week, and I got an incredible new companion. Her name is Sister Sumsion (like gumption) she is from Park City, Utah, has one older sister and two younger brothers. She is 21, and just finished her 12 week training in Iowa City, so I am senior companion. It's so weird to think that I've been out 6 months. It seems like I've been out for no time, and also like I've been out forever. Time is very skewed on a mission.
Anyway. Sister Sumsion and I love each other already. It helps that we have had a solid day of no- work, in the apartment bonding time. We are already learning so much from each other, too. I love it. I love her. I love my mission!
The only thing I have mixed feelings about as being senior companion goes is that I am now the driver. That's just how it goes. I know, however, that Heavenly Father has called me to this place, calling and companionship at this time for a specific reason. I trust that as I am obedient, he will keep us safe. Driving in the snow has been just fine so far. Pray for me to adjust, and for our safety.

Mick and Angie are both great! Mick is finally back in town. We saw him Friday night, and he was at church yesterday, in his white shirt and tie. :) Angie was unable to make it- but has been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy, and seems so different in such a great way. Julie is also doing very well. She has decided on her own that she WILL be baptized. She really wants to, now it's just a matter of helping her to quit smoking and get ready. She is such a strong person, but I know that this will be very challenging. We are going to talk with her about when she thinks she can be ready for baptism and set a date with her this week. Pray that all will go well for her and that she'll be able to quit smoking.

We are having a really hard time getting a hold of our other investigators- it makes me crazy. We are going to be focusing a lot on finding people to teach, so please pray that we will be able to find those who are prepared to receive us and the gospel.

I love this Gospel so much. I am so happy to be doing the Lord's work, and I grow closer to him each day. I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Being a missionary is the greatest thing I possibly could've done with this time in my life.

I love you all, and I'll see ya in 1 year and 10 days!
-Sister Monroe

 My new year's package- Thanks mom, you're awesome!

 my adorable view on the ride to transfers with the Koch family. She is so funny. 

 Sister Boone and I were twins for transfer meeting. Also, I made us
matching planners since we were getting split up. :)

My new companion, Sister Sumsion.

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