Monday, January 20, 2014


Nothing too crazy has happened this week, and I am basically out of e-mail time, but I'll give you a run down of the week:

Monday was a fun zone p-day, we went bowling with all the elders, which was a ton of fun. They love to tell us that we're the best/their favorite sisters in the WHOLE zone. :) Sometimes being the only sisters in the zone is fun. 

Tuesday we got grounded due to ice on the roads and cold weather. So, we just studied and talked and read scriptures and cleaned our apartment all day. It was so weird not to be working. Apparently, the mission has been grounded more in the last month than it was the whole last year- summer included. This has been the coldest- but not stormiest winter that Iowa has had in 20 years! 

Wednesday we were excited to get out and work! We did service, visited a couple less-actives, saw Angie- who is doing fantastic- and had dinner with a member. 

Thursday, we had interviews with President and Sister Jensen, which are always wonderful. Sounds like I'll be here with Sister Sumsion for a full 12 weeks. We are both delighted at this prospect- I can't even tell you how much we love each other. Thursday night we got to see Mick. He is also doing great. 

Friday's fun event was that we spent a few hours with the Zone leaders, Elder Aiasau and Elder Curtis, looking for a new apartment. Our lease is up next month, and President Jensen wants us out of our shabby little place. We are excited to move. :) We also got to see a couple less-actives, and then helped out at the ward's blood drive in the evening. no- I did not give blood! :) 

Saturday, we saw Angie again. That evening I was feeling really sick, and my migraine was really bothering me. We headed in a little early and called less actives from the apartment.

Sundays are my favorite. Church was wonderful, and after we got home and ate lunch, we took a little road trip to Reinbeck about 30 minutes away to deliver a Book of Mormon to a lady who had requested a free copy online. We also took the time to do a bit of tracting while we were there, and were able to meet a couple of potential investigators! It was a great day. 

We are working hard to find people to teach- and I know that we will. Julie is doing well- please pray for her. She really wants to be baptized, but she needs to quit smoking. We love her, and she loves us. We are planning to set a baptismal date when we see her tomorrow. Also, we were just at Sister Willson's and she says hello. :) 
Sorry for the lack of exciting news and cool stories- Pray that we will have some soon!

Sister Monroe
 A sweet little package from Deanna Pennock for
me and my companion. Thank you so much! :)

 My silly companion- I love her so much. We ran through
McDonald's for lunch and her ice cream had two cones.
Naturally they needed to be stacked.

 This is what happens when you've had a migraine
for 6 days. You try anything that the members tell you.
Supposedly putting your feet and hands in hot water
and putting something cold on your neck does something
to the bloodflow to your brain and helps. It seems to have worked.

 Iowa just keeps stealing my heart.

Again, stealing my heart.

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