Monday, November 25, 2013

I Love to See the Temple!

Hello friends and family! This week was an exciting one. I am grateful to be serving in Cedar Falls with Sister Boone, and today starts six more weeks here together! We are continuing to see miracles, and I feel so blessed to be even a tiny part of Heavenly Father's plan for so many of His precious children.

One of this week's miracles was that we were finally able to see Mick again, after a month! The lesson went so great. We taught the Plan of Salvation, and as we did there was such an incredible spirit there with us. It is such a gift to bear your testimony, and be able to see it affect someone as you speak. We invited him to be baptized on December 21st, which he accepted! So exciting! He did express a concern about not knowing what he wants in life, and not being 100% sure or ready about baptism. I took the opportunity to bear my testimony, and for a moment I could feel the spirit helping me say the words that would touch his heart, and see him receiving them with joy. When I was finished speaking, he said, "Sister Monroe, is it?" - yes "I'm gonna hire you to sell RVs." Oh man, it was funny, and so sweet. I told him that I don't have a testimony of RVs, so I probably wouldn't be good at it! Mick is such a cool guy. I am so excited for him. He has been through so much, and come out an honorable, humble person. I know the gospel will bless him so much. He is calling his friend who introduced him to the sisters in Boise this week to see if he would be able to come baptize him. Please pray for Mick, that he will read the Book of Mormon, pray about it and baptism, and receive answers to his prayers. Oh, and be baptized on December 21st.

We have not been able to see Brandy this week, but have been texting her a lot. She is doing well, and still on track to be baptized on the 21st of Dec. as well. Pray that she will!

Angie is also doing well, still praying about and working toward baptism on December 28th. This week, we challenged her to quit coffee. We were able to get her some Pero to replace it, so hopefully that will help! We will be teaching tithing this week, which she doesn't have a good understanding of, so we pray that she will have a soft heart and open mind as we teach. She is still reading the Book of Mormon, which is great! Please pray that she will be baptized on Dec. 28th.

On Saturday, we got up at 4:20, went to a member's house, and got a 3-hour ride to Nauvoo! We were blessed with this opportunity to join our ward on the ward temple trip. We attended the 9 am session, with our members, and it was so wonderful. It was so nice to be there with people we knew, and the session was just incredible. We had a short outdoor fireside with the temple president and his wife, and a luncheon at the nearby stake center. Despite the 12 degree weather with a nasty cold wind, it was a gorgeous day. The Nauvoo temple has such a special, incredible spirit, and is so gorgeous. I am so grateful for the temple, and will miss it for 6 more months until I can go again!

We have a dinner appointment for thanksgiving with the Willsons, who are incredible. I love them. So, it should be a great day, and week. Hopefully I just don't freeze in this snow!  I love you and miss you all, especially my sweet new niece Adelaide. :) Congratulations, Abby and Jesse!!!

-Sister Monroe

(alex sent this below in addition- for all you who read this and are thinking of a christmas missionary package)

Here is some info that came in the e-mail from President this week. Feel free to tack it on to my post! Oh, and please tell Shawna I got her package this morning, and I am so grateful.

 Christmas Packages: TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!  Email your parents with this information regarding Christmas Packages! Since there are no transfers during the month of December, please have your family and friends send your Christmas packages directly to your apartment.  On November 25th, inform your family of your current address and tell them to send your packages to that address.  We strongly recommend using Priority Mail, as there is always a chance of an emergency transfer.  Again, we remind you that packages sent Priority Mail or 1st Class are the only packages that can be forwarded.  Packages sent “Standard Post” or “Parcel Post” cannot be forwarded, and UPS and FedEx do NOT offer forwarding service.  Remember that most items ordered on line are sent via UPS or Fed Ex.  Zone Conferences start on December 10th, and that is the last chance a package has to get to you before Christmas if we cannot forward it.  Any package that arrives at the Mission Office after December 9th that cannot be forwarded will not get to you until Transfers on January 2, 2014.  We know how important your packages are to you, and we try our best to get them to you as quickly as possible.  However, the number of packages that cannot be forwarded is becoming difficult to manage.  PLEASE, PLEASE tell your family and friends to use Priority Mail and follow the instructions provided above.

Again, our apt. is: 2610 College st. #2 Cedar Falls, IA 50613


 During one of our visits with Sister Dunigan this week, I gave her a chapter to
read written on a mustache post-it. She put it on, so I did too, and we
took a picture. She is SO funny, and loves us so much.

 House of the Lord, Holiness to the Lord.

 Joseph and Hyrum's last ride. This is such a cool statue.
The spirit of the prophet is so incredible here.

 So gorgeous.

 The beautiful Nauvoo temple, you can see me if you just zoom in! :)

 I love the sunstones.

Famous Nauvoo fudge, it was delicious.

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