Monday, November 18, 2013

A little snow, a lot of blessings!

Wow- SO many miracles this week! Sister Boone and I were blessed to find not one, but 2 new investigators. I feel so blessed to be a part of this work, and especially to be in this area!

The first new investigator was definitely unexpected. Wayne has been in the hospital, unfortunately, but is okay, and headed home today or tomorrow. Because of this, his sister, Julie has been helping and staying with Angie. We went over the day after Wayne went to the hospital, met Julie, and got talking. Before we knew it, she was pouring her heart out to us and weeping as we shared the plan of salvation. I can't express how strong the spirit was- wow! She said she'd read the book of mormon, and Angie volunteered to read from the beginning with her- So awesome! We met with her a second time, taught the restoration, and extended the invitation to be baptized. She accepted without delay. She is such a sweet, humble lady. She has had a hard life, but has come out of it with an earnest desire to know and understand God, and follow Jesus Christ. Toward the end of the second lesson, Julie asked Angie when she was getting baptized, and Angie told her, "Well, if everything turns out alright with Wayne, I'll be getting baptized on Dec. (she looked at me because she had forgotten the  exact date- haha) 28th, and if you want to get baptized with me, then hey, go right ahead!" Sister Boone and I were just grinning ear to ear. Julie said she doesn't think she'd be ready by then, which is interesting, because that is the baptismal date we've felt like we need to extend to her. We plan to re- extend it next time we teach. It still feels right, and hopefully after we teach about baptism, she'll feel the spirit confirm it to her. It was such a great lesson! Sis. Boone and I looked at each other as we left, like what just happened? One of our investigators just invited our other investigator to be baptized on a date! Haha. We were so happy. I love our investigators so much. They are such characters, and wonderful children of God! Please pray for Julie, that she will receive an answer about baptism, and be prepared to accept a date. Please also pray for Wayne- that he will continue to recover, and Angie that she will continue to prepare for her baptism on Dec. 28th!

We were also blessed  to meet an incredible woman, also at the home of a less-active member. She is Sister Dunigan's cousin. Sister Dunigan is the sweet lady we tracted into and found out she was actually a member. Anyway, She and her cousin both came to church, and her cousin loved it! Her name is Queenola, she is moving to Cedar Falls from Chicago. We were able to go see her and Sis. Dunigan last night, and taught her the restoration. She seemed to love that too, and said she would get baptized if she knew it was true. Pray for her, that she will read and pray about the book of mormon!

Oh! We taught the plan of Salvation to Brandy, she LOVED it. She accepted the invitation, and is preparing to be baptized on December 21st! We are so excited for her!

All of our other investigators are doing well. We also had zone training meeting this week, and are anxiously awaiting our transfer calls. It has been such a busy, exciting, eventful week!

I am so truly blessed, and happy- exhausted- but happy! Please pray for me, I appreciate and need it each day. I love you all!
-Sister Monroe

 the Cedar Rapids zone of the Iowa Des Moines Mission. :)

 Our district

An incredible thanksgiving package. I was so happy to come home to
our little apartment with it waiting for me. Thank you mom!

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