Monday, November 11, 2013

Exchanges, a birthday, interviews, and stake conference!

It was quite an eventful week! First, updates on all the wonderful people you are praying for:

Angie & Wayne- They are doing well. We saw Angie twice this week, and she is feeling very good about baptism, and her date! She has also been reading continually- she's just over half done with the Book of Mormon, which is huge for her. In all the years she has been taught, she has never kept the commitment to read like this.Please pray for them to have health, and for her to continue to be excited about baptism.

Gabriel- He is doing well. We had a really good lesson this week, and he is loving everything we teach. We asked him how it was going, praying about baptism on Nov. 23rd, and he said that he thinks next year would be good for him to get baptized. He has no obvious concerns, and has been honest about some pretty big ones in the past, so we feel like that's not it. We are pretty sure that because of the rigorous training that a person must go through in his country (Togo, Africa), something that he himself did, that he thinks he needs to have a ton of knowledge about the gospel and church before he is baptized. We are planning to teach about the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and why he needs it. Please pray for Gabriel, that he will understand, and commit to baptism THIS year.

Mick- Remember him? So, he has been so busy, but we text him fairly often and have an appointment for Tuesday (finally!) Pray that he will be able to continually meet with us, and that we will be able to set a baptismal date with him.

Well, this week we had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders AND Sister Egbert- she was in my MTC district! They are in a tri-panionship, so that was really fun. Also, squeezing five of us into one room to sleep in our little apartment was a hoot. Two of them slept in our recliners!  My Sister Training Leaders are Sister Tucker and Sister Cannon. They are so sweet. This is Sister Tucker's last transfer! Exchanges went well, and we learned a lot.

Friday was Sister Boone's 20th birthday! Sister Willson, who is incredible, had us for dinner, after I sneakily told her on Sunday. :) She e-mailed Sis. Boone's mom and made her favorite meal, and I make a cake. We sang and Sis. Boone blew out a match! Haha. It was great fun.

Saturday we had interviews with President and Sister Jensen. They are so sweet. It was such a blessing to see and talk with them, and receive encouragement and council. They also spoke at our stake conference that night, and were in attendance on Sunday as well. Stake conference was an hour away in Cedar Rapids, but we were able to get rides with members for both sessions.

Sunday night we were blessed with another miracle. We had an appointment to drive an hour out to lincoln, and teach a referral we recieved from a less active there. After our appointment with Angie, we had a voicemail saying that the two of them were in Iowa City, and would love to stop and meet us at the church in Cedar Falls instead. We did- and it was great. Brandy is a single mother of 4, and she is dating a less active- but awesome- member who was baptized just a couple years ago himself. The lesson was so wonderful, Brandy is definitely prepared to receive the Gospel, and is very excited to be baptized. We will be meeting with her again this week, and will set a baptismal date with her. Please pray that she will read and pray, and be able to set a baptismal date!

Thank you so much, family and friends, for all the love and support. I feel so blessed to be serving, and am grateful for all the prayers offered in behalf of me and those who we teach. I love you all so much!
-Sister Monroe

 Exchanges! Me, Sis. Boone, Sis. Egbert, Sis. Cannon, and Sis. Tucker.
We're all pretty shabby looking, but it was the only picture we had time for!

 We raked so many leaves one morning for a member! I LOVE fall!

We have this adorable cupcakery in town , and got one last p-day!

 UNI dome! It's pretty cool. This was during our tour of the athletic dept last p-day.

 MTC friends! See our cool hand symbols?! Haha.

Sister Boone's B-day at the Willson's. :)

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