Monday, February 17, 2014

A Baptism!

What a wonderful, tiring, snowy, miraculous week. Missions are crazy busy.
I am soo so low on e-mail time, but let me tell you all about a couple of this weeks miracles!
1. Sister Sumsion and I found out we are staying together in Cedar Falls for 6 more weeks! We are both just in heaven. Also, I don't know if you noticed, but transfers were on thursday. We are both very happy about. By the end of this transfer I'll have been out 9 months, and in Cedar Falls for 6. SOOOO crazy!!!! I can't even believe it sometimes.
2. We moved out of our apartment, into a wonderful, clean, spacious new one a week earlier than we had expected to. We called to see if we could come see it, and she told us it was clean, empty and ready for us. We picked up the keys 15 minutes later, and the elders and ward mission leader were able to help us move the next day. Such a huge tender mercy. It is so nice to be somewhere that we can feel safe, clean, and have the spirit all the time. So my address for the next 6 weeks is:
2207 Thunder Ridge Blvd, Apt. 7B  Cedar Falls, IA 50613.
3. Julie got baptized!!!!! It was a stressful road, but it has been such a beautiful thing to see the gospel take effect in her life. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to help her come to Christ.
4. Julie brought non member family and friends to her baptism. One of them is named Tyler, he is like an "adopted son" to her. He was touched by the spirit while the elders were teaching the restoration, and upon being invited to learn more afterward, he said yes. Then he asked them about Priesthood authority. They recapped that part of the restoration, invited him to be baptized, and to read the book of mormon, all of which he accepted! They got his info, and he lives in OUR AREA. so amazing. He came to Julie's confirmation and stayed for all three hours of church. We are so excited to teach him.
5. Hannah came to church! We love her so much, and had a really incredible lesson this week on Patriarchal blessings. We were prompted to set a date for her to work towards getting hers, which she is praying about. She has been reading the Book of Mormon every day on her own, like, a lot. She enjoyed church, and we see her again tomorrow. I have grown to love her so much already, and she love s us too. We are excited to see her growing in the gospel!
6. I have had a cold all week. I know- this is not a miracle. What is, is that colds usually hit me like a freight train and knock me on my bum for weeks. This is literally the mildest one I've ever had. I know it is a blessing for my diligent work.

Well, that's about all the miracles I can think of off hand. Sister Sumsion and I are feeling like this transfer is going to be one of change and miracles and happiness. I am excited to see what Heavenly Father has in store for Cedar Falls!

Thank you for all the love this week. I sure appreciate it. :)
-Sister Monroe
 This is "Spam Musebi" the elders made for us last p-day. Elder Aiasau went home thursday, and had raved about this for weeks. He had to make it for us before he left! It was actually pretty good!

 She was really excited to see our new apartment.

  I love my family. This is a sweet package I got from Jen this week! 

 And one my aunt Vauna. Thank you so much!

 Julie's baptism!

I got one from Abby too! :)

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