Monday, August 19, 2013

Guess What?!?!!

We have seen miracles this week! That's right- not one, but multiple! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so the week has been amazing, obviously. There were a couple days that were remarkable: Tuesday, we had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders, Sis. Thompson, (AKA Mama T- because she has trained 7 sisters, and is amazing.) I was pretty nervous going into exchanges, but wow, I loved it! Mama T and I spent the day walking, and walking, and walking. We literally made about an eight mile loop. We didn't find any new investigators, but I learned SO much from spending that time with her. She goes home this friday, so she is at the very end of her mission, and had a ton of stories, strategies, insights, and wisdom to share. It was fantastic. Sis. Oman and Sis. Andersen took their car for the day, and they has a wonderful time too. And guess what miracle they experienced... remember how I talked about the member's neighbor, Greta who we pulled giant weeds for last saturday, and was curious? Well, they stopped by her house, got to know her better, taught the restoration, invited her to be baptized, and SHE ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurrah for Israel! She doesn't have a baptismal date, but she is our 1st "new investigator" of the entire transfer, and my entire mission. She is so prepared, open, and such a blessing! We are finally able to see the fruit of all our labor. I am so incredibly grateful to Heavenly Father for putting us in her path- through members no less! Wow! You don't even know how great it is. I was already happy, and loved my mission, but this is a new experience, being able to teach someone, for their first time, and knowing that it is all in God's hands. It brings me so much joy. Pray for Greta! She is dyslexic, and is very excited to read the Book of Mormon, but needs some divine help if it is to be clear, and make sense. Please pray for heavenly father to bless her with clarity, understanding, and to feel that what she reads is true. We touched base with her yesterday, and she has already had questions answered in the first few pages. So, basically exchanges were amazing. Mama T and I got to teach the Armstrongs, they are doing well. Aaron didn't do his reading, but Shannon did, which is HUGE. She has never kept that commitment before, with any missionaries. Not only that, but she said. "I feel like I'm finally understanding." Hallelujah! Thank you for your prayers. They still have a really big problem with tithing. Pray for them in that aspect, please. They also are refusing to come to church until they decide to be baptized, which they won't do until they get over the while tithing issue, so that's the biggest thing right now. We need some serious divine help. This week, we said goodbye to Elder Peter from our district. The marshallese members, who I love more all the time, threw him a goodbye party, which was amazing. It was at a park right on the mississippi, and it was awesome. They told us that they will throw each of us a party just like it when we leave. It is a big deal, because they really love and appreciate us.At the end of the party, they sang a touching song, and lined up and put money in a pot for Eld. Peter, it was incredible. I was moved to tears. I have been able to get to know many of them this week, so it means even more to me. Well, I wish I had time to respond to everyone, but I don't, sorry! I appreciate all the e-mails, letters, prayers, and support. I will do my best to write back! Thank you so much!

So much love,
Sister Monroe

An Awesome Care Package sent by Ev! Such a fun surprise!
The Mississippi River! It's Beautiful!
Our Amazing District + our Sister Training Leader.
Elder Peter and I. He's so funny, I will miss him.
"Mama T." and I, I love her so much!
                Myself, Sis. Thompson, Sis. Andersen and Sis. Oman. And Last but not least...
                                            Another gorgeous Iowa sunset.

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