Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All is Well!

Hi Mom, Dad, Family and Friends! Well, most exciting thing first, (No baptismal dates yest, don't get too crazy!) The Armstrongs are doing GREAT. We were able to drop in on them last monday for a short visit, and taught them two more times this week. Our lesson on Wednesday was wonderful. We want to help them have firm testimonies of the prophet Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon, so we watched the Restoration with them, and talked about the prophet. We also read from the introduction page to the Book of Mormon about the promise that when you gain a testimony of it, you know Joseph was a prophet, etc. and vice versa. It was amazing, the spirit was so strong! It was a miracle, because as many times as they've been taught the restoration, they didn't understand it like this. They knew practically nothing about Joseph Smith, like if he was an actual, documented, living person! Crazy, right? We were able to make so much progress, and answer a few difficult questions with such ease. I know they are prepared NOW, and that Heavenly Father is working through Sister Oman and I in a way he hasn't quite been able to with other missionaries. We met with them once more, and talked about how to receive answers and revelation through studying the Book of Mormon, and our next appointment is tomorrow! They are so incredible. I truly love them as the Savior does, and I see their potential to become an incredible, steadfast, eternal family. The next most exciting thing (this one's mostly funny) that happened was when we visited an elderly sister from our ward, Sister Orton. She lives sort of far, and it meant a ton to her that we came to see her. When we walked in, we were greeted by not one, or two, but four cats. It smelled like straight up litter box in there. Anyway, we were having a lovely visit, and in the middle of our message about prayer, she got up and was like, "would you like a slice of watermelon?" she was already in the kitchen by the time we could answer. She brought us some big slices on plates, and we ate while she told us about her family, and health, and cats. Haha. She was so sweet. we finished our message, and said a prayer and then she asked if we'd each like an ear of sweet corn to cook for lunch this week. That stuff is delicious, so we said sure, and she comes back with an ear of corn, and a plate of rice krispy treats for each of us! It was so great. We could tell she was just so happy to have company. She saw us out, and then waited on her porch until we drove by on our way out. It was truly a sweet experience, even though I had to cough for about ten minutes afterward to stop feeling like their was cat hair in my throat. I am just so grateful to be in this ward! The members love us so much, and I know they just need a little pushing to get involved in the work. Oh, fun fact: as part of training, I was senior companion this week, which meant that I made decisions, lead companion study, and got to drive! I loved that part. :) I love my mission more each day. Each week has a brand new, even harder challenge, but it is all worth it. I am grateful to be here, and I know it is where the Lord has sent me. I wouldn't trade how much I've learned and grown for anything. I love you all. I say it every week, but I feel the prayers and support of my loved ones all the time! Thank you so much. -Sis. Monroe
Picture 1- Everything is So green, I love it. Picture 2- This is what you eat when your dinner appointment cancels 15 minutes from when you're supposed to be there, and it's fast sunday. Fun times! Haha! Picture 3- They have these EVERYWHERE. You'll be walking through a neighborhood and, oops, the sidewalk just ends. So random, and so unnecessary. Only in Dubuque. Picture 4- Sis. Oman and I in front of the cornfield two minutes from our house. We love it here.

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