Friday, July 12, 2013

SO, here's the e-mail I sent you the 1st week. I sent it to your wrong e-mail!

Hey Mom, and everyone! My first few days have been amazing. I never thought it was possible to fit so much learning and spiritual growth into each day. It's unlike anything I've ever experienced before. The "MTC spirit" that everyone talks about is a real, almost palpable thing. I absolutely love it here. The day I checked in was insane. We went from dropping my luggage off, to getting a new key because mine wouldn't work, then back to my room, then got my books, and Hermana Pennock dropped me off at class. This is where I met my companion, more about her in a minute. After class, we had a welcome meeting, then dinner (at 4pm, not my favorite time to eat), then the "new missionary experience" which is when they gathered us into rooms of about 200 missionaries each, and had us teach ACTUAL INVESTIGATORS. It was awesome. Then we met our branch presidency and zone leaders, which seemed to go on forever. (That meeting would usually be on Thursday, but they moved it for the 4th celebration.) We had a quick tour and then finally got back to our rooms at like 10pm. We are usually scheduled to be back by 9. My favorite part of the first day was having my name tag put on. I still get so excited every time I catch a glimpse of it. I know I was meant for this work. Cool stuff: in our welcome meeting, we sang "We'll Bring the world His Truth" but where you sing "And we will be the lord's missionaries" they had replaced the words on the screen with "we are now the lord's missionaries." My heart swelled with joy, and so did my eyes. :) I'm tearing up just thinking about it. A cool quote that had the same effect on me was something the MTC Pres. said, "Many of you are here fulfilling divine prophecy." I know that I am. Yesterday was great. It was filled with a ton of class and workshops as usual, and at 7:30, we started our "Independence Day celebration." At that meeting, we sang like 8 or 10 Patriotic hymns, heard a musical number by fellow missionaries, listened to a speaker, watched that movie, 17 miracles, and then they sent us outside, gave us ice cream bars, and let us watch the stadium of fire. It was awesome. My companion and I left early though, (I know, I know) because this was the second night in a row they kept us up past our bedtime, and we were exhausted! It was a wonderful day, nonetheless. So, Fridays are P-day for my district and zone. I have 60 mins for e-mail each P-day, and a ton of time to write actual letters, because the provo temple is closed for 6 weeks. The time they would have us go on p-days will be free time to do whatever you want/need to do. We had laundry time at 6:30 am, so that's all done. Hooray! My companion's name is Sister Paul. We are getting along swimmingly so far! She is 20, from orange grove, CA, and we are fairly similar in personality, but she is more softspoken. Our zone is made up of 3 companionship's going to Indiana and 7 going to Des Moines. I know three of the girls from our facebook group! Our district, who we have class with everyday is half of us, and let me tell you, we are quite the bunch. We have a lot of fun (when appropriate, of course.) Classroom instruction is so fulfilling, and I am learning so much about how to teach, and how to be a better missionary. I'm not sure what else to tell, there is so much going on! I guess the most important thing is that I am safe, super happy, and I love it here. Also, thanks for your package mom, I am definitely sharing! I am truly so grateful for everyone's love and support in my journey. Getting here was bittersweet, but there is no where else I'd rather be. This thing is being ridiculous and I have to go to study time, so I will have to send pictures next week. Sorry! Love, Sister Monroe

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