Monday, January 12, 2015

Called to know the richness of His blessings

I cannot accurately or eloquently express the feelings of my heart at this time, but I will share with all of you some of my thoughts and feelings.
My mission is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can honestly say that this has been not only the best 18 months of my life, but the best 18 months for my life.
As I sat entered the Nauvoo temple for our departing temple trip, I was completely overwhelmed with a feeling of peace. It has continued through this week as I've began to say goodbyes, as I've left my testimony with our investigators, and especially today as I began packing my bags. I know that while I am imperfect, I was called here by my loving Father in Heaven, and that I have fulfilled my calling. I know that in a couple days, I will have finished all that He sent me here to do.
In the time that I have been on my mission, I have learned so much. I have come to understand true service, true love, and true joy. I have come to know my Savior, and seen and felt his atonement take full effect in my life as I strive to help and teach others to do the same. I have come to know the reality of Heavenly Father's hand being in the very details of our everyday lives. I have learned how to listen to the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, and seen the miracles both big and small that come as I follow its quiet promptings.
I could go on and on. I feel so full, so changed, and so happy. I have truly been blessed in ways that I could never have anticipated, and for that I am eternally grateful to my Father in Heaven.

I love each of you so much. Thank you for helping me get here and stay here.

I close with my mission scripture:
Alma 29: 9
 I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.
 And behold, when I see many of my brethren truly penitent, and coming to the Lord their God, then is my soul filled with joy; then do I remember what the Lord has done for me, yea, even that he hath heard my prayer; yea, then do I remember his merciful arm which he extended towards me.

How great is my calling! How great is my joy!
-Sister Alex Monroe

My incredible mission President and his incredible wife. I love them so very much.

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